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  1. I don't know how many times this has been suggested. Probably a lot. I honestly don't care either. I'm suggesting it anyway. Do not point that out. Thank you.

    So, for those who are unaware, Global Town Chat is the ability to chat in Town chat from anywhere on the server - the Frontier, Wastelands, Nether, End, and other worlds. This feature is currently available for Iron+ supporters.

    But I think it should be available for Free members also.

    First off, I'm not suggesting this because I'm not a supporter. Well, I am, but that's not the whole reason. This isn't supposed to be a selfish, "I wanna talk to people" thing. I'd post this even if I was a supporter. Global Town Chat benefits Free members most of all, but also has benefits for the entire server.

    Allowing Free members access to global town chat would, obviously, allow them to talk in Town chat anywhere.
    • The main advantage of this, and it benefits everyone, is that allowing global town chat stimulates chat. The people in the wild can engage in conversation, ask questions, see event/non-economy player advertisements, and even start conversation when chat is silent.
    And it's nice to be able to chat with friends and randoms when doing some mining. In my opinion a supportership shouldn't be required to be engaged in the community. For the folks who live out in the wild with a white name tag, they often don't get to talk to the server.

    I always fear that new players get lost in the wild and don't know how to get back. This'd allow players to ask questions when they start out in the frontier. In fact, I'd like to see some statistics of that: the percentage of players who stay after joining Town versus the Frontier. I think it'd be interesting. Please make it happen!

    I'd say that Economy chat should still be a supporter/town only thing. That way the supporter page thing could read "global chat channels!" instead of nothing. That and the current "global town chat" sound, for the most part, the same.

    The one downside I can see to this is that global chat is a very appealing supporter perk. It's possible that adding global chat for Free members would reduce some supporterships. I don't know how likely that is, though.

    Let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll wake up to an interesting discussion tomorrow. No poll as I'd prefer written opinions on this. Thanks,

  2. first of all i dont usually get into many of this conversations as a matter of fact this may be the first. I personally dont have a problem with how things are because they are just fine in my opinion. i think if anything maybe a shout function for those out in the wild and if their name is used in a response from another player then they see that message but dont see any of the other chat. it would still keep the chat down so they dont see all chat but will at least see messages directed towards them so they can at least be helped if they have a problem with something.
  3. Yes please, but not yet :)

    Unfortunately, for us /town hating survivalists, this is the one and only /frontier perk for a normal smp. It's probably the one that got me to start supporting a year ago when I applied for my outpost. I'd love to see it revisited though if we add some frontier supporter perks in /empires/outposts, communication is key to everything good. I just think all play styles should have an "excuse", however minor to to support this great server, so I'd wait on this a little if possible.
  4. EMC used to have this back in my day sonny. Its not what you think. It wasn't really used for chatting but it was frequently filled with "HELP IM LOST!" and "SELLING BLAH BLAH BLAH"/Spam. The idea would be that people could organize outpost better with inviting people from town using this chat channel. It backfired and was removed sometime later as it caused more trouble than its intended use. The only time I could see this being used is during an event thats across the server (frontier style race event). Though its a limited use ability.
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  5. Love it :) +1
  6. Back in your day, you didn't have the features we have now.
    - We have the /map command for a quick access map
    - We have an improved Tutorial
    - We have the /channel ignore (or whatever it is)
    Town chat is a barren wasteland on some servers. You'll get the occasional short conversation.
    "Anybody here believe in bigfoot?"
    "Cool, where do you think he lives?"

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  7. Sounds about right when I come into smp7 (Home Server) and say, "Here in my garage..." You got the jist.

    But this suggestion is really 75-25 in my opinion.

    75% since it bring the community together and helps with communication. 25% upon the newer player stating "How do I get back to town?" "I am lost help me!" "I FREIKEN DIED FROM A GIANT FASDGASG"

    That stuff bugs me but I always state, "http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/index/ Read it :p"

    Maybe consider they need to be on the server [>1 Month] to have this perk?
  8. sounds like smp3
  9. I like the idea, I can see how it would benefit players (I actually agree with players getting lost and stuck. If a new player exists the tutorial into the Frontier then chances are high that they'll meet up with a server which appears pretty dead: no one is talking).

    Unfortunately I also can't help wonder if this wouldn't hurt the Empire. I've been thinking very hard before answering this one but... I am a gold supporter right now, I was iron before. Part of that drive of wanting to be a supporter is definitely based on "I like to see chat outside town".

    Take that away and yah... I'd most likely still continue to purchase support vouchers because I honestly think that I'm supporting something good whenever I get a few. But it would lose a bit of the drive to do so...

    So I like the idea but I'm not too sure if this would benefit EMC all that much. I'm afraid it might do more damage than good.