[SUGGESTION] Give Iron supporters more perks >:D

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by brickstrike, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. As the title suggests, give iron supporters more perks. What I mean by this is by letting them change their res's messages, including color, and even have access to the Utopian Wilderness. Iron support is kind of, useless right now ;/ Maybe even change how much they get a day to be 600 rupees instead of 400.
    Just my thoughts, and remember, this is only a suggestion.
  2. Even though I can't even afford any level of supporter, I still think that iron is kinda useless.. Utopia wild and a second res would be nice, and give gold supporters a third res :)
  3. Yess!
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  4. Yea, maybe even a second res, and a third one for gold would be good ;)
  5. This would render gold supporter useless, now the only things gold have iron doesn't is a 100r change in rupees bonus. Most people get iron for map hide. The perks are fine as is.
  6. Darn, diamond supporter=2 new reses. $10 more? Geez :mad:
  7. Erm, if iron were to change, I'm sure gold would too. I think maybe have gold be able to get more vault pages, like (depending on how much now) 5 - 7 more? Same thing with iron, as I think iron can only have 6 ;/
  8. Keep the rupees bonus the same, but add that you are able to have your res at Utopia and go to the wild there...
  9. You only have to pay once. I will keep all 4 of my res's. Sorry, that message was very confusing. Were you mad at me because I was diamond?
  10. The perks are fine as is, they are set up so that one doesnt have more in terms of scaling than another, if iron had 2 res's i could just get 4 iron accounts instead of 1 diamond, and i would have 8 res's how is that balanced?
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  11. Yes I think iron supporters should have a little better perks, and extra 100r and utopia wild access would be good, however I have to disagree with the 2nd res option. :) $20 is a lot of money and letting gold have 3 residences would almost make diamond useless in my opinion (unless you want TNT and only one extra res).
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  12. Then diamond would need a boost. The whole goal in supportership is the more you pay, the more you get. Sure, I'd love to see some more supporter perks, but they can't be too overpowered like your opening post suggests. In your reply to me, you only temporarily solved one problem.
    That would be way too overpowered. I like going to the central outpost and being able to get over a double chest of ice in 10 minutes. I am not against the idea as a whole, but if the admins decide to add more perks it really has to be thought out, very well.
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  13. hmmm is true, 2 reses for iron and add one more for gold and diamond (atm iron is useless...)
  14. Importerer brings up an excellent point, the perks need to be balanced in terms of alts.

    Sorry for the 3 posts, but it is hard to quote/edit on a phone.

    @dj_krazy, iron is not useless. Map hide? Wastelands reset bonus? 400r?
  15. We always will add value where we see fit to all the memberships. Iron is a basic membership that actually already has more than we ever intended for it to have. When you compare us to others, our perks system grants way more (in a very fair way) than you're likely to find anywhere else. So, just know we'll keep things how they are. Gold and Diamond will naturally always get a bit more of a bonus than iron, but we will add things to iron when we see fit.
  16. I think iron is "OP" as it has always been. I don't see a point in "buffing" iron.
    Instead of "buffing" iron, we should focus on "nerfing" diamond a little bit.
  17. The only thing I think that iron should have added is endertopia. But not have access to waste and stuff. The best part about utopia is the waste you can just go like 100 blocks and find new stuff underground so endertopia for iron would be nice
  18. there was a discussion about giving iron more perks a very long time ago, even a vote if i remember right, and it was decided that iron gets enough for the 5 a month as is, any more would be a little unfair to those that dont support. and for those of you who havent been to utopia wild, its not like its riddle with diamonds or something, its just daytime and no fall damage/hunger damage. the main reason most use the utopia wild is that its mostly an empty server, and less greifing occurs because it costs a minimum of 10$ a month to use it
  19. I agree also Most players just want diamond instead of gold because of the ability to get more res' Most people don't just get it to get 50 vault pages xD so it would be nice for diamond to have an added perk