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Add Frontier Chat?

Yay! 7 vote(s) 43.8%
Nay! 6 vote(s) 37.5%
Meh... 3 vote(s) 18.8%
  1. Hello! I couldn't help but to notice that it felt like there was missing something in the frontier, in terms of communication. With town chat allowing for people in town to ask away and have conversations, why not add a frontier chat? This could be helpful for people who have questions while in the frontier, it could also help with general communication while out in the frontiers.

    What do you think about this suggestion? Go ahead and respond to the poll!
  2. Hmm, I sort of like it. Although, it sort of defeats the purpose of what the frontier is. It is supposed to be an open world where people create their own outposts, so a frontier wide chat would not support that idea. Rather, local chat and group chats are great alternatives, cause you either are talking only to those near you, or to those in your group no matter where they are.
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  3. I do understand where your coming with this, and you do bring up some good points. Group chat and local chat are helpful resources to have when your out in the frontiers, though for individuals who are fresh out of the tutorial they might not be able to find much people who can give them input just by waiting at the spawn and would rather not go to town to ask for any tips on what to do. This can only be covered by the forums so much, and that's hopefully if they do decide to register and use the forums for assistance(we honestly have too many people here on EMC who don't use the forums/haven't registered for the forums). There are definately pro's and con's for this, but only time and the community will tell if this is something that could benefit the frontiers.
  4. I voted nay, and also say -1, because I believe it defeats the purpose. Thing is that (as said above) we already got several other chat channels and I can't help fear that it might only make things more confusing. Another thing: I like your reasoning but there's one flaw here: your solution also assumes that there are actually people in the frontier. Which doesn't happen all the time.

    But having said that I wholeheartedly agree with you that we do seem to have a problem with new players who venture out into the Frontier after finishing the tutorial. I honestly think it's scaring them off...

    Here you arrive on a server with several players, you start in a survival world just like the advertisement said. But once you finished the tutorial the whole server is quiet. Even though there seem to be several players on the server no one talks to you (or to others). When you try to talk you see something about supporter only and local chat, making it quite obvious that you're all alone here. After all: no one talks back to you! (new players wouldn't know that the local chat chatradius is 127 blocks, for all they know local chat can just as well mean that its local to that world).

    And to add insult to injury: once you finally find a small clear spot and try to pick a flower or remove a block of dirt you're greeted with a warning that you're in a protected area. Guess you can't build here afterall.

    I can't help think that situations like these happen from time to time. I sometimes /pm new players who end up in the frontier (while making sure not to spam them) but even that could cause problems. I mean: do they know how to PM me back?

    There is a problem here IMO, but I don't think a new chat channel is the solution. What that solution is? I honestly don't know.
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  5. There are definately problems with how the frontier operates as you've mentioned, and you very well could be right that this suggestion wouldn't help much. And yes, as you've mentioned with the frontier there isn't always people on there every so often. The frontier isn't quite as new user friendly as town is, and most people are at town ready to greet. There are issues that definately need to be addressed, however we don't quite have all the solutions to fix these.
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  6. -21 sorry man