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  1. All right. I Would love to tell you all this suggestion. And please no comments like Diz Iz Stewped Etlz neva gat aded.
    So What it is -
    Main Idea
    So. Since I dont think Aikar can add buttons like if you press F Itll Pop up.
    But if you can, This is what will happen. A pop up will be next to your Hotbar and it will have 4 buttons. Friends; Add Friends; Best friends; Inbox
    So If you click add Friend there will be a search bar where you enter the username of the player and it will send them a request to see if they want to add you also. Once they do they will aprear in the Friends Collom. On the Side Next to the name it will either have a check mark or a X. If it Has a check mark that means they are online. If there is a X it means the arent online. You are alloud to have 10 "Best friends" You can add up to 10 of all your friends on it to be a Best friend. So the Friends collom wont be so crouded.
    If you click there name then you can send a Message Into there Inbox. When they go online next to the message it will say You have (Number) Messages in your Inbox. If you online and you get a Message it will say in the chat only for you: (Username) Has sent you a message. So you can use it to talk while on diffrent servers.
    I Hope you all like the idea. Comment what you think below thanks ;)

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  2. There would have to be a client side mod for this to happen.
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  3. Eh, I posted a thread with the same idea, but some people didn't like it. :p
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  4. What May that be?
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  5. Well, I have no clue what mods are like this, but I know there are some out there that may have minor similarities. But it would be practically useless (using the mod) unless a good amount of people actually had the mod.
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  6. It could be build into the server.
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  7. But that would require a client side mod to function (unless they have majorly changed code in the last year) along with a server mod. If they mod the server, those without the client side mod wouldn't be able to connect.
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  8. So this wont happen :(
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  9. It won't likely happen to the whole server. But if you find a mod that is like this, and convince your friends to add it to their Minecraft, I think you can come close to what you want (but ONLY with those who have the mod installed). :)
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  10. Kind of like how you follow people?
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  11. IMO it wouldn't require a mod + it's better if you can just do /friend add [name] and have their name show up as a different color (red?) when you press <tab>. You can remove a friend with /friend delete [name] and list all your friends with /friend list. That wouldn't require any mods..
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  12. That isn't a bad idea but it would only work on emc. the color thing might be impossible since everyone sees the same colors but I may be wrong. this is like the group system except lasts even after you log off.
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  13. Not sure we need an item for it, a friends command area would work fine I would expect. And...why would anything be client-side...?

    I'm for some kind of friends system, even if it's not quite how described here.
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  14. From what I know, that isn't in the Minecraft code as is, thus requiring a mod.
    That could be possible, but I suspect that the color idea would be pretty laggy due to constantly having to check every player.
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  15. Don't think there's much in MC code for most of what EMC is. I'll start with Town, continue with Vault, Shop, Teleport signs, and finish with EMC Firework.

    These are all mods of some kind, yet all of them are server-sided. Nothing there is client-side: any vanilla MC client can connect to EMC (so long as the versions are compatible, obviously).
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  16. There's already a mod that does this :p
    It makes your friends name blue or something.
    I think its approved for use on EMC, check with chickeneer first though
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  17. Everything tat has been done is just using the original code to our advantage. There has not been any add ins done. Plugins are very different from mods. A client mod would be required to do this because this would add a new interface in, that isn't in the code yet.
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  18. there would have to be a client side mod like the other evreybody else said. now that doesnt mean there cant be a freinds list. you can just make it so you use commands like /freind add or /freind remove and stuff like that. i have playd on many servers with this feature. i am sorry for typos im on a boat and the keyboad doesnt have buttons like o so im useing the touch screen.
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  19. Diz Iz Stewped Etlz neva gat aded. jk I LOVE IT
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  20. Really? That's...impressive...

    A plugin doesn't modify anything?

    Whatever, the concept of a "permagroup" is how I'd see it working out (or something to that effect). We've already got Groups, so something that doesn't link everyone in the group to everyone else in the group and doesn'ttake off names 5 minutes after they log off....and we've got the general workup of a sort of friends list, no? (I suppose we could just make a wall of signs with names for "friends", but that'd get tiring to keep updated, especially with keeping up to date who's active...)
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