[Suggestion] Free players able to change res message, with a cost

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Huckleberry24, Sep 1, 2014.


Do you agree with this idea?

Yes! 17 vote(s) 44.7%
No, I believe it should remain a supporter perk 15 vote(s) 39.5%
Neutral 6 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. Ok so as the title reads I am suggesting the ability to change res messages but with a cost.

    I was a supporter once and had my res message changed however I am changing the build on that res so of course the welcome message doesn't fit the res anymore. Therefore I think free players should be able to change the message with a price included e.g 1,000r or something like you can do it once every few weeks.
    Now I know it is a supporter perk but I don't really want to buy supporter all over again just to change my res message.

    Please tell me your thoughts on this idea :)
    Oh and I apologise if this has already been suggested

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  2. hmmmmm.. maybe if it was more expensive

    and you can already reset the message for free if the message doesn't match, like when
    "Welcome To The Sheep Farm!" shows on a residence with a mall on it :p
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  3. You can default the message back to the "Welcome to huckleberry24's residence" message with /res message default if the message doesn't fit anymore with what you have on the res.
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  4. Yea, however what I am trying to develop is the option to change it to something else
  5. +1,but the price should be higher, around ~10,000r
  6. Yea , I was giving an example of a price ;)
  7. If this idea doesn't go through, you can also become gold to change the res message.
  8. I wouldn't mind paying a rupee fee to change the res message, especially as a past supporter. It is a bit inconvenient that the only time you can change the message is during the supporter month you pay for with real money.

    A few thousand (~3,000?) rupees per edit seems fair. Maybe a little cheaper if it was implemented with usage/time restrictions. I dunno. It certainly adds up if you already have extra plots!
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  9. Sure it'd be cool to have something like this but this is a perk for only supporters. If people really want it they'd have to become a supporter. Aikar needs money to run the server and allowing supporter perks to be accessed by anyone may lower the supporter count.
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  10. But its just the fact of having to actually pay for supporter for this perk, as i believe this is not a major perk
  11. It would be best as a cosmetic/supporter perk. We need things like this reserved for Donors because the EULA drained many other great perks away from us. Not to crap on your parade of not being able to have a fancy residence message like some of the supporters but I think if you really wanted it, you'd support the Empire to have this change.
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  12. +1 I Would Say A Good Price Is 5000-10000r In My Opinion-But Who Wants My Opinion Lawl :3
  13. ^deathconn has a a valid point. The messages plus the 4 residences were the reason I subscribed earlier today.
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  14. With many major perks forcefully being removed, I think this is a fair thing to keep as supporter only.
  15. I'd like it if this happened but I think it might be better in the long run if it was kept as a supporter perk :p Luckily, I made all my res messages look pretty before my last supportership ran out :3
  16. I like it being a Supporter perk, coz we dont have much ingame perks as of the new Mojang update.

  17. After the EULA changes, supporters are going to lose many benefits - This one we are going to keep as there should be a difference between paying $0 and $20 every month.

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  18. How about 100,000 tokens?
  19. What do u mean by "we"?