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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JesusPower2, Aug 20, 2016.

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  1. I'd like to see a stronger level of moderation on our forum threads. This isn't a universally shared opinion. Instead of suggesting a change for all threads, I'd like to suggest the creation of a Safe Zone section where staff will more strongly moderate and remove posts that are inflammatory and derisive, especially where multiple players are harassing another.

    These qualities are subjective and up to interpretation. I'm not talking about any particular incident here. This is about having a place where overtly negative remarks are simply edited with a request to be rephrased for tone.

    It would be entirely voluntary. If a player did not want stricter moderation on the thread they could simply not participate.

  2. No. The report button exists for a reason.
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  3. The report button asks the moderator to apply a standard which is common among all threads. This would be a place where the participants are asking for a stricter standard.

    But thanks for the response.
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  4. Why would a thread need stricter moderation? If something breaks the rules, report it. If your topic needs to monitored closer than others, then you probably shouldn't post that thread to begin with.
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  5. If it needs a stricter standard, it probably shouldnt be posted or at least posted the way it is phrased. As Wither has said, the report button is there for a reason.
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  6. This about having a different rule set for a different section. We already do that, for example with the political debate thread.

    So yes, while I agree that some topics are inflammatory, this isn't about a particular topic.
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  7. I'm still making up my mind about all this, but one comment does pop up when reading the thread: the report button exists, true. Yet the problem which the OP addresses is that he feels that in some cases the staff doesn't seem to do much with all those reports.

    I'm really very in between here. On one end I agree, but on the other it is also fair to say that where 2 players argue both are usually somewhat at fault.

    When is something an innocent comment and when is it flamebait? If you can't come up with a rule which clearly points out the difference then I don't think there's much to be done here.
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  8. Any and all harassment on EMC is taken care of by staff. If it doesn't appear to be moderated, then it can be reported. If it is still not changed, then it isn't really harassment.

    I don't support this idea because all it would do breed moderation by feelings and not reason or logic. If someone can't handle criticism, then they aren't ready to use the internet for discussions.

    The only way I can see this being used is by people who only want to be told "yes" and consider any criticism harassment.
  9. Great post.

    It never seems clear, does it? It would still have to be at the moderators discretion and interpretation. But I think, if going in players have agreed to stricter moderation, then the moderator will feel more free to remove posts and ask for them to be rephrased.

    There is a good point here, which is that when a post is removed on traditional forums the player may fear punishment. It's a big deal. There's some stress over the occurrence and it becomes a point of contention between the player, staff and the audience.

    Perhaps in this moderated section it just becomes a "normal thing"?

    Let's say I posted something and a moderator deleted it to ask for rephrasing. Here I wouldn't be offended by the action. I'd just remind myself that it's the stricter forum and rephrase it. Perhaps only if something were so offensive that it was disallowed on all forums would the poster face punishment? Something for our mods to consider...:)
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  10. The times where it seems the staff do not do much are caused by the lack of reports. If you don't hit the report button, then we don't know that you are offended or if some obscure status breaks the rules, etc.

    We will not spend time stalking the forums looking to lock down issues that are plenty fine in our current restrictions. If you want tighter restrictions, then send me a detailed pm explaining why it's needed, because I don't see the need currently.

    The political thread is checked in on rarely these days because players learned the allowable limits and seem to be following them. We haven't had areport on that thread in over a month or so. I'm not assigning staff to stalk a series of posts, when they could be doing fun things for the community, unless there is adequate cause for concern.
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  11. I can understand your fears. I think, as always, we'd have to rely on a moderator's interpretation of the messages, and actively communicate with staff if/when we feel they have it wrong.

    Yeah, moderated chat should not be "agree with me or else". And I don't think we can have the OP just report anything to have it removed. Can you imagine if thread creators had a button to delete posts? :D
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  12. I disagree with your view on how well things are going on these forums, and would gladly discuss further in PM.

    I wasn't suggesting that staff should "stalk" a thread. It could still rely on reports, just with a stricter policy on tone and group pile-on.

    Although that said...there are probably some staff applicant volunteers who would enjoy a role like a "forum moderator". :)
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  13. If the staff applicant is qualified to be forum moderator, then they are qualified to be Staff.

    Keep in mind that you may not see all staff inflicted punishment on players. We take action where necessary and when necessary, but we don't make a big announcement every time a player is put on mod review or sent a warning.
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  14. safe zones are not needed if u get upset by someone's opinion or otherwise please report it
    (if it breaks any rules) and move on it is the internet accept it not everyone will be as kind as jesus staff are probably overflowed with reports so it may take them a bit of time arguments gshoulden't happen on a public thread tho they should be taken to the inbox and solve in a quiet way not a giant flame war
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  15. Could you share some specific examples for when a post should be allowed elsewhere but not in the safe zone?
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  16. so basically a thread that the op could control? thats the precedent you are setting....cause at some point anything someone you dont like or that has an opinion you disagree with would be reported and in your "safe zone" would be reportable.

    there is a difference between breaking rules and not agreeing on something, but this type of thread would erase those lines essentially.

    like jkr said show me an example that makes this idea realistic that wouldnt already be covered within emc's guidelines
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  17. I guess I could make up something to illustrate the idea...of course it would be at moderator's discretion so anything specific I write is up to interpretation. I'd rather not debate around that, honestly, but if it provides clarity I'll attempt to show what I see as a boundary.

    Let's say I make a thread where I'm talking about a solo hunting trip, and incidentally during which I shot a deer but couldn't finish it.

    A) Comments that would probably be allowed on their own:
    "I really don't like hunting."
    "Yuck, hunting is cruel."
    "You should have called the ranger."

    B) Comments that maybe wouldn't be allowed on their own:
    [joe] "LIAR! You're in school!"
    [joe's friend] "Monster."
    [joe's other friend] "You should let the deer shoot back."

    Section A are comments which are critical of the subject and could be seen as part of a dialogue.

    Section B are comments which are not really about the subject, they're simply expressing someone's low opinion of the speaker. These kinds of comments, which I see frequently on today's forums, would be understood to be deleted when reported under the Moderated Forum. Maybe they could be posted if not phrased as a personal attack.

    Is that more clear? I'm not talking about a place where someone must agree with the OP to make a post. I'm talking about a place where posts are safe from "here's a note that says I hate you".
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  18. Very difficult subject. It does make it more clear to me, but in all honesty I cannot help think: maybe you picked the wrong platform for your topic?

    Sorry, I have to go -1 here. I do like your thinking and I am getting what you're saying but I have a small problem with it. And that's not even talking about the rules and all...

    In the end I come to Empire Minecraft to enjoy... Minecraft. I love that game. I can really appreciate that we have this "Miscellaneous" forum where we can talk about other stuff, but I don't think we should use that to talk about just anything we want either. Not only because of the PG element or the rules but mostly because this is a Minecraft forum first and foremost.

    If you think a certain topic might not go too well here then maybe... it is better posted somewhere else?

    Some topics simply don't work too well here, and I don't think a "safe zone" would help there to be honest.
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  19. Thanks for providing some examples. No where should people be allowed to do the "I hate you stuff" and creating a special forum disallowing it will only make others think it is ok everywhere else. Section B should be reported anywhere if you feel that they are being paritcularly rud.
  20. Well, as you said, they have to be "particularly" rude. I see posts that to me are particularly rude and they aren't being deleted. So I ask for a stronger degree of moderation.

    I think to myself there are two explanations...the mods won't delete them because of the drama, or they disagree that the posts should be deleted. A new forum section could solve both. Untie the moderators hands for action and clarify what's allowed.

    Nobody wants their posts to be moderated. But if there was a section where everything was moderated maybe nobody would care. It's no longer a big deal if a post is edited away. Players just rephrase a little and we all move on without the drama and hate.

    Anyhow thanks for the replies.
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