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  1. When a new player encounters a special mob for the first time, I suggest that a message plays for them when they kill it or get close enough for it.

    Currently, players see a new mob and wonder "What the hell is that?"
    With this suggestion, when a player kills or gets near enough to the Enraged Mob (I'd say 10 or 5 blocks), a message appears in chat:
    Looks like you have (found/killed) an Enraged Zombie. Enraged Zombies are unique mobs with more damage, health, and speed than normal Zombies.
    Learn more here: wiki.emc.gs/Enraged_Zombie

    This would of course be different for each mob.

    Also, this would only happen with the first mob of it's kind they encounter.
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  2. Good idea! +1
  3. Doesn't it say in the tutorial about momentus, marlix and enraged mobs? Because i remember seeing that, and e z mlg 360 noscoping 420 blazing an enraged zombie the first time i went into the waste. I got a drag frag =3
    So since it's in the tutorial imo i don't think it's worth putting a message for it.
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  4. Many people do not retain all of the information they see in the tutorial.
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  5. I'm a little against the suggestion. It's not a bad one mind you, but it would take the surprise away. That moment of "what the HECK is that?" can be fun too ;)


    PS: You're right about the tutorial of course, but we also have an extensive wiki ;)
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  6. Some newer players, I noticed, do not consult the wiki at all (or just rarely). They barely use the /help command. :p

    You can lead a new player to the wiki, but you can't make him drink it. (err, read it)
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  7. I like the idea, and I also agree with many new player don't use the wiki at all :p
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  8. +1 You wouldn't have to risk being killed or take the time to actually pull up the wiki
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  9. Watch me :p let me prepare this :D

    (yes, I am in a very funny mood) :)

    Edit: come to think of it... I don't think it would go well to organize a wiki reading event for new players only... hmm... :)
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  10. I Love The Idea!!!
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  11. *cough all the towny questions cough*
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