Suggestion for freezing water in town

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Have a command to stop water freezing?

Yes 14 vote(s) 51.9%
No 2 vote(s) 7.4%
Sheep 11 vote(s) 40.7%
  1. I dont know if anyone has suggested this yet but could we have a command that will let us turn off if water freezes on res's.

    I know everyone is going to be like "Just put ice on top of your res, put torches along the ice to melt it." but that just gets annoying and i dont like putting jack o lanterns, glow stone, or touches all up in my water.

    I just see so many people trying to build stuff and add detail with water and bam the water freezes, and farm too.

    We already have a command to stop fire spread so maybe one to stop water from freezing on your res if you choose too?
  2. Better yet would be a command to change the plot biomes.....then we could have jungle grass everywhere :eek:
  3. i was thinking this exact thing earlier. The jungle grass one, but water freezing must get annoying. Im actually surprised it wasnt in the last flag update.
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  4. Yeah i think my last res was a mix between a river, desert, swamp biomes. The swamp caused my grass to be weird colors in several places along with my water, but i fixed the water when i got optifine.

    It gets really gets annoying to have a farm and have to go all the way to the top to cover the res with glass.

    It would be fun if they made it where you could change your biome and let the rain too so then i could have a whole res covered in snow xD
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  5. I would have all my plots as Snow biomes :3
  6. I just thought, you can have a 59x59 ice gen
  7. An iceflow flag. I like it.
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  8. Not a good idea. People could just get the ice with silk touch pick, and break the ice to renew water. Makes it non legit almost :p
  9. Um, that is what already happens... This is a suggestion for stopping this.
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  10. That already happens. I want it to completely stop freezing because not all of us want to keep breakking ice and half the time it kills the crops if your off most the time. If i want ice that bad i can just as easily go out of town and get some ice its not that hard xD
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  11. I had built a rather large castle on a ice plot - unknowingly. When I went to put in my mote it kept freezing. I had already put a lot of work into the lot so there was no going back. I built a very very high glass ceiling over my entire lot then built a pixel dragon in the center. It actually ended up looking quite nice. Just have to get creative sometimes to make the best out of a tricky situation.
  12. I guess you guys like this idea......considering so many of you have liked it........
  13. people can change biomes to mushroom biomes!
    Still, I think that freezing water should have a flag.
  14. Looking to the future there will likely be the ability to individually set the biome on your lot. When and how this is achieved is up to our busy developers. Until then the best solution is to build a glass ceiling at level 255 over your lot, thus allowing sunlight through but preventing water from freezing. :)
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  15. I had no idea you could do that with glass.........
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  16. Well, now you know! :D
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  18. If water freezes on your res then it is open to the sky. place any kind of block above the water block, at any hight and the water will not freeze, as long as there is a building block of come kind between the water and the sky.

    Only other option is to move to a new res with a different biome.
  19. Ok people if your not gonnna read everything i post and assume I dont know about placing blocks in the sky to stop water from freezing your gonna have a bad time.

    I KNOW by placing stuff Usually GLASS IN THE SKY will stop water from freezing. I HATE it H.A.T.E it. Anyway I DONT EVEN LIVE ON A SNOW BIOME never have.

    Im simply talking about when i walk around looking at everyone's res's i see their rivers they have landscape freezing over, i see their farms wilting because of freezing water.

    The other day i got to listen to a 7 year old get really up set because he built everything then His water started freezing. He hated the idea that glass would have to be put atop his res because he had a specific idea of what he wanted and glass was not on the list. Also he did not want jack o lanterns etc put all out through his water because he thought it looked ugly.

    I completely agree with him that its ugly and annoying to do all those things, Why cant we just have a simple WATER FREEZE OFF thingy majig to stop it I mean half of you are saying. "Thats not Vanilla!" Im pretty sure turning flame spread off is not vanilla either im pretty sure its chocolate. Anyways this is in town which pretty much is not vanilla if you get down to it, no mobs, no rain, no hunger....
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