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  1. would there be any way to enable flying on your residence in town? I know that it would be a great help with large projects, as pillaring back up can get somewhat frustrating.. Maybe add it in as a flag, where if u fly over the road you lose the ability, or have it so only flying is enabled only on your res.. just a thought/feature that i would LOVE to see on the empire :D
  2. Don't believe this is possible, SMP stands for SURVIVAL Multiplayer, flying adds in the Creative experience.
  3. Alright this has been suggested and turned down. Diamond supporters can fly but only on Utopia and SMP residences/town will most likely never get the ability to fly for some reasons :)
  4. Right, because SMP's are for the legit builds that were made by hand. Utopia can be used by diamond supporters to make builds easily with flying.
  5. /fly allows you to fly in Survival, but only with special permission.
  6. I believe that the way we have it is fine for now. If you want to fly, become a diamond supporter and go to the utopia server.
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