[SUGGESTION] Flag Shop Command

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  1. Ok, so before I start, I apologise if this has already been suggested.
    I have browsed the forums and haven't found any suggestion for this, and it is not on the already denied suggestion list.
    So here goes:
    I don't regularly visit the EMC Flag Shop, I only do when buying new flags out.
    By the time I type /spawn, then go downstairs, then try and find the teleport, it takes a bit of time.
    So I am suggesting a simple command that takes you straight there, something as simple as, "/FlagShop, or /Flag, you get my drift.
    Give your opinion, and remember, Constructive feedback, not negative :).
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  2. I totally agree with you lol I've seen a staff member even struggle to find the flag tp lol but shh I never said that and no I won't say what staff lol
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  3. +Promo
    Looks like that's my thing now :rolleyes:
  4. Yes!! I agree! +chocolatebar
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  5. This thread has been reported for getting way off topic. Posts removed. Please keep it on topic from here on out.
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  6. +1 tuqueque aproves this
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  7. +1 madpoint
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  8. Bump! Would love a staffs opinion :)
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  9. same
  10. I'm not sure to be honest. I like the idea because it makes things easier, but I also wonder if making it easier couldn't result in players buying flags which end up being unusable for them. The problem is that if you buy a flag then you can only use it on the server where you bought it.

    If we could all use /flag on whatever server we're on then I wonder if that could create the expectation that if you buy something from that shop then you can use it as you please. After all; this is also how /shop works. But the Flag shop doesn't.

    Of course I agree that in the end there's basically not that much difference between /town and /flag (for example) and I'm not saying that it couldn't work. Just wondering if it wouldn't result in an increase in unusable purchases.
  11. I don't quite understand... You say that it may result in the purchase that would be unusable to them- but they have to buy it? The command is just easier to get there. There's no difference from these players typing the command and going all the way down there. It seems as if you are not wanting this command so people don't buy flags?
  12. The flags are only 1r
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  13. Bump. Has this been considered by staff?
  14. Most suggestions are not officially answered by Staff, but some are added to track: http://track.emc.gs.
  15. They could just mail it to themselves so they can transfer it over to another server.