[Suggestion] Fix Default Residence Messages

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  1. "Welcome to Residence Ultimamaxx" doesn't make any sense at all.

    It should be "Welcome to Ultimamaxx's residence"

    A second, third, fourth, or fifth residence's residence would show up as "Welcome to Ultimamaxx's third residence"
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  2. I contacted devs about this a while back. Chickeneer responded as such:

  3. It's not wrong.... Could change it to be based on owner name by default but it will not show the number of residence as you want. I'm actually surprised we didn't get more complaints about the old setup.
  4. I don't understand the reason for the bump. The person that would be making that change already responded.
  5. I see. I have a hard time reading things chickeneer types sometimes because he often leaves out subjects. :p
  6. It is intentional.
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