Suggestion: Faster Supporter Voucher Activator

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  1. As said before(cant find the exact thread) players are bugged up with having to wait for their supporter voucher to be activated, example:A player sees that 3 residences near him are open, he has a diamond supporter voucher, he activates it but he has to wait a day or so, then suddenly a player that has long activated the diamond supporter voucher claims the residences, player left in rage.

    suggestion: on the page where you insert in what vault the voucher is and who is claiming the voucher you can pay some money(I was thinking $0.50 - $1.50) and it will be activated earlier. Better for the player and EMC.

    Thought im working on another project( ) I want my idea to be made. so yeah
  2. If something like this could be done automatically, it would already have been made. Essentially what you are asking for is for there to be an option that you can pay for that puts your voucher activation higher up in the staff's priority list.

    Something tells me that if your voucher approval is of lower priority, then it is not as imperative that it gets done compared to everything about it lol. I would rather not see something important be sidetracked for a voucher activation. If you really need it to activated earlier, you can try PMing the staff members who handle activation with a request. If they find your reasons to be uniquely valid, then they will probably move your activation ahead of other players.
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  3. Just activate the voucher a few days before the reses go derelict.
  4. I say no, purely on the fact that patience is a virtue. :)
  5. Supporters are paying out real money and getting a few extra privileges vs regular players but what your suggesting is paying for preferential treatment.
    Besides there is a good chance anyone who could afford the fee would pay it leading to wait times only being slightly faster for the fee payer; a preferential-fee would also result in some resentment by those who don't/can't pay the extra and have to wait longer then they would have previously.
    I would prefer to wait and keep it fair to all players.
  6. thnx for saying your thoughts.
  7. We are hoping to have something working for this, but there are a few parts that don't work properly with an automated system just yet. After 1.9 and anti-griefing, then maybe Aikar can get to restructuring the system to work properly for it automatically. We wouldn't really charge for an expedited activation though.

    Trust me, we have a ticket for it in the dev system.
  8. thx for the positive reply Krysyy !( :D )