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Are you willing to support us or not?

YES 7 vote(s) 70.0%
NO 4 vote(s) 40.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Some time ago I got an idea of a awesome maze(read more here emc.gs/t/63439 ). Soon it became official that I'm going to be the leader of the project. now a couple of things for those who want details about the maze.
    1. Eviltoade showed a awesome redstone labyrinth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdpQj7k5wP0 .
    2. SteamBoatWillie suggested we should make a special Area(a special room with a ton of stuff) for every staff on EMC.
    3.mrfisherman199 kinda calulated what th size, 4 floors with 25 rooms each, each room 24blocks x 24blocks.
    4.mrfisherman199 decided the top would be covered in coal blocks.
    5.the building was going to be built on 5464 utopia.
    6.SteamBoatWillie showed a boss idea(redstone, not a live one)http://mod-minecraft.net/guardian-boss-fight-map/ .
    7.GeistKitsune said we need to improve our security just in case if volunteers are trolls.
    8.krysyy approved the idea
    9.SteamBoatWillie suggested to put riddles in the maze. We could do this by using one of those locks where it only opens if you put in a correctly renamed stick.
    10.building is going to start after all items that are necessary will be donated.
    thats all FOLKS! I will keep updating this.
  2. Sounds good!
    So what kind of blocks are you looking for to be donated? You should probably state that ;)
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  3. im still waiting for 225 stacks of coal(crazy right?)
  4. also a ton of redstone(dispencers, repeaters, etc)
  5. Slight issue with the guardian boss: It would need to be built on two utopia res's and we would have to pay a ton for road edits in between
  6. Hm, looks like it aint gona work out
  7. No it will fit we just need senior staff to put the stuff in the middle. I can get a second res with my alt.
  8. k
  9. as said above we are collecting tons of coal, can anyone donate 2 DC of coal blocks? pm me
  10. So first you said you needed 255 stacks of coal, then you asked for 2DC of coal blocks. 255 stacks of coal is only 25 stacks of coal blocks, so you suddenly want almost 4x as much as before?

    If people donate but you never get all of the stuff you need, are you just going to bail and keep the donations or refund them to the people that gave them?

    Are you or any of your team members investing their own materials into the project or is it solely run on donations? Is there a sustainability plan?

    Who's going to be building it? Is it just you or other people too (if so, who else)?

    Do you have an estimated time of completion?
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  11. im asking only for 2dc cause no one will donate 225 stacks in one go, so yeah
  12. You're asking for 2DC of coal BLOCKS, not just coal.

    The first time, you asked for just COAL, not coal BLOCKS. You asked for 255 stacks of COAL, which equates to 25 stacks of coal BLOCKS. Now, you're asking for 2DC of coal BLOCKS, which is 4x the original asking amount.
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  13. lol, i meant 225 blocks of coal, I beg our pardon D: