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  1. I'm not sure if it's possible to manipulate the flags for residences, but if it were possible, could we have a flag for farming? Like, if you give someone /res pset nameofperson farm true, then they are able to break and replace wheat/seeds, potatoes, carrots, cacti, sugarcane, cocoa beans, and netherwarts. For melons and pumpkins, they are only able to break the blocks.

    Lots of people like to ask for farming jobs. If we don't want to trust them with the whole "build" flag, then having a "farm" flag would do the trick, so that they are literally only able to farm the farms you already have. No breaking blocks or adding more hoe'd areas, no accidentally breaking pumpkin or melon seeds or trampling tilled soil--just straight-up harvesting and replanting.

    Maybe the flag should be called "harvest," then xD
  2. i wouldnt mind somethin like this
  3. There is a place flag documented here: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/flags/

    If you can automate your farm you I think you could let them use a button to harvest then allow them to replant. I haven't tried it. If it works post it here.

    This sort of thing has been asked for before. I'm guessing there was some difficulty in programming it so they added the place flag to allow it indirectly.
  4. +1 from me for this idea!
  5. The "place" flag is like half a build flag. You can't destroy but you can place--the point of a farm flag is so people can farm only, not place random blocks around xD
  6. I understand what the Place Flag does and I understand what you want. I've seen it suggested a couple of times in the last few years and the fact that we have gotten other flags but not this one suggested to me that it may not be happening for some reason. Rather than waiting potentially forever for your farm flag, I was offering you an alternative you could use now. Regarding allowing someone to place blocks that you don't intend: If you can't trust someone enough to behave on your Residence you shouldn't be giving them any permissions anyway.

    I was checking to see what staff has said about this and found that Chickeneer said he was working on something like this about three months ago in another thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-res-flag-commands.14901/

    Here's everything that seemed somewhat relevant to what you want to do that I could find in Issue Tracker:
  7. Oohh, this has been said and... Half-done ;.;
    Hey, i saw the subzone thing done on another server, though it was factions, not towny. It was really awesome--large owners had control over large areas and recruited people or rented land to smaller owners and smaller owners had like jobs, being able to manipulate only their respective land areas and paying taxes for renting land when it was due...
    Well anyway, point is, if the devs could find a way to replicate the faction sub-zone thing in our current towny-like thing, that'd be useful in many ways! Personalized hotel rooms, farming, sub-shop owners... :eek:
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