[SUGGESTION] Res Flag commands!

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  1. I have been thinking of these flags we have..

    I have a suggestion of adding some more flags... These flags would be:
    Kill flag
    Harvest Flag
    Plant flag

    What is the point of these flags?
    Well, Lets say you have these animal farms and stuff and with these new implemented flags you can let other players breed your animals right? well how about a flag that lets you kill the animals and keep them breeding? instead of giving such player you don't know build flag to kill an animal.

    -Harvest,Plant and bonemeal..
    These flags will allow a player be given the ability to: Plant Melons,pumpkins,cocoa,wheat,sugarcane etc.... and will also allow them to harvest such plant once it's at full growth... Also the ability of giving players the use of bone meal to make those plants grow

    These flags will allow you to hire someone and do these farming for you! Without the need of giving them the dangerous build flag.

    That's it,thanks for reading please let me know what you think.
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  2. That's a really good idea!!
  3. Plant could be done via lset if that was ever released (I think). Kill would be nice though, after all, we have breed.
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  4. I'd like to see more comments here :p
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  5. Hoe flag maybe?
  6. Yeah it's like everything that has to do about farming. :p
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  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's currently a way to give someone a "kill" flag, though it doesn't exist. This can be done by giving one +"build", -"destroy", -"place" flags (build true, destroy false, place false). As destroy and place overwrites the build flag, the player will be unable to build on your plot, while having permission to kill, breed or eggify animals on your plot granted by the "build" flag. This could be the "kill" flag.

    Although having a separate flag makes it easier to give permissions without worry.
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  8. I didn't knew there was a way to do that...

    Well, I guess it could be implemented the easier way.. :p
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  9. There's still no way of giving a person some sort of Farm perms in a residence other than the build one. Like, Harvesting/planting/using bone meal on wheat... trees... etc.
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  10. Sounds like a great idea.
  11. Were currently in process of updating Residence which may include some of these flags...

    But I believe its going to be harder to do flags that allow something vs deny it... We will see when residence is updated what options there is for adding new flags.

    We will likely wait until Res v3 though, as v3 is improving things alot and bringing new API/Flag control.
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  12. YES.gif
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  13. Id like a flag that gives permission to give others flags
  14. any way to do a door flag? I hate giving use perms when having that linked to doors is a hassle.
  15. should be doable.
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  16. Is there any chance that you will release the res plugin code?
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  17. Any more comments? :p
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  18. Sure. I am interested what updating Residence will bring into the picture.

    Until then, there probavly isnt much to say
  19. Many views wooo! :p
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  20. Bumping this rather than creating a new one, since it's still a valid suggestion. Any update on the harvest/plant/hoe flag?