[Suggestion] Fanboy creepers that drops one of the books from a series x

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  1. Okie so, I had this idea.

    Creepers who are fanboys of you. Its spawn rate is lower than, eh lets say current minibosses spawn rate. When 1 fanboy creeper has spawned, it will scream in chat and run towards to you faster than normal creepers with hearts popping out and due to over excitement it explodes. It will drop what normal creeper does but with one of the 6 books of series!
    I had in mind, that how about not just 1 book, have 3-6 books about anything. Be it about poems, a joke, smp8's life, rise of the boulder or completely random about something. The books itself can have drop rate 75% chance or much lower than that.
    To keep the value up or make it higher, how about 3-6 months later replace those books with new ones? Like have series 1, series 2, series 3, etc.
    Or instead fanboy creepers let other mobs drop.
    TL;DR Hunt down your insane fans who are creepers (or maybe any other mob not just creepers) to collect 3-6 books of Series 1 before Series 2 comes because collection purposes. Its like collecting Lego minifigures but without killing mobs for it :p

    Your thoughts?
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  2. While this might make an interesting mod, I don't think that this idea really fits with the enhanced-vanilla theme of Empire.
  3. Interesting idea, by books you mean readable right? It would tale alot of time to create books that have the same words in. Other than that, +1
  4. You do know that Aikar can make the book in Java and have it given to the player. Not having to copy + paste the book each time.
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  5. durp, I knew that :p

    EDIT: I meant have different/unique books.
  6. Not Only are they Fanboys, but theyre Total Creeps!
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  7. How did you come up with this? lol. It sounds like it'd be a fun addition :p
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  8. This would be hard to program/make because you not only have to program that it drops a item but you would also have to program the words in the book.
  9. It wouldnt be hard to program the Item Drops, as for the Book
  10. Aikar does want to add lores, I believe. Now like this, but a bit similar.

    Mobs may have the ability to drop lores. The zombie could be a guy named Rick and died in duty. The creeper could be a man who was infected and it spread.
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  11. After listening Lonely Island's "Do the Creep" I started to get some ideas.
    Originally I had idea to drop their diary's, but eh...
    Staff can always ask the contribution team to write about something *looks at Soul* :p
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  12. 1 out of 2 bumps left to see more votes!
  13. if this is a custom mob, please see emc.gs/suggestmob
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  14. -1, I think it doesn't really add anything to EMC
  15. ^ As above stated emc doesn't need this -1
  16. What? Of course it's adding something to EMC. It's not like the suggestion is just nothing.
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  17. I know it juat like a extra item. Like the common power 3 unbreaking 3 bows
  18. Which added power III unbreaking III bows ._. I'm really confused.
  19. I'm saying is that it's going to be a item with little value
  20. No, it won't, not with what the OP suggested:
    Add a semi-low drop rate and they will not be common.
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