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    This is a special scoreboard that appears at the right of your screen (I think). The set-up is something like this
    FireFloor :47

    If there is no event, there is no Scoreboard

    Well (Looks at person who just held firefloor)
    As you can see, that is 3 messages that a certain person did. Why? I dunno. It is really spammy though.

    Doing this will remove that event spam and give people a constant time for reference.

    During the Event, a leaderboard that tell you the remaining players so it is not always a mystery.
    It could be strictly in the Event residence. Who knows, I do not know how coding works.
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  2. I type too fast for my own good and accidentally double posted by hitting enter again.

    I try to do event warnings at 3, 2, and 1 hour, 30 and 15 mins
  3. Scoreboard is awesome! I use it all the time command blocks or just coding stuff to look cool for my single player world
  4. That's a great idea. You mean it would just show a scoreboard with how much time left to what event?
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  5. Exactly.