[Suggestion] Ender Dragon Raid

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Is an Ender Dragon Raid a good idea?

Yes 19 vote(s) 55.9%
No 15 vote(s) 44.1%
  1. Hi EMC,

    I think we are all aware that ender dragon eggs are possibly the most expensive item in the game, and they can go for millions. ICC has posted a thread on the dragon eggs, and it says that he wants the dragons to respawn every so often. I think that this is a great idea, but I have another idea:

    Just like the mob arena, I say we have an ender dragon arena. Something like a giant bedrock room, and the admins will spawn about 3-5 ender dragons. I know that they cannot be spawned from an egg, but with a plugin I am sure this will be possible.

    Thats all I have to say, and maybe a mod will leave some feedback. There will be a poll, so please vote.

  2. The arena is fairly possible, though ender dragons destroy blocks they fly through so it wouldn't last long - after each battle i'm sure it would have to be rebuilt.

    There are ways to spawn dragons without plugins.

    The issue with the dragons has been that several people typically take part in killing them. When that happens, who gets the egg? The same would occur in the arena setting. The consensus was that dragons be removed due to that fact.
  3. Oh, thanks. I did not know that the dragon destroyed bedrock... not that I've ever fought one. I guess it would not be possible...
  4. Dragons don't destroy bedrock, obsidian, and End stone. Why not make an End themed arena? Also, you can get a Ender Dragon spawn egg if you usse its entity id as the egg's data value.
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  5. Cool idea, but personally i think that would destroy the economy. :)
  6. No this would not destroy the economy lol... nothing about it would affect the economy.

    We are looking into ways to make dragon eggs more obtainable. Please stay tuned for this, as I'm sure most players will be happy with it (though of course the fact it would then make it so more people can get eggs will upset the people with the eggs currently... but can't please everyone)
  7. I think an arena would be a good idea, perhaps a 'last man standing' theme? the last person to survive/the longest time survived would win the egg
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  8. Im a little scared with that... I like dragon eggs being 1-2 million :p
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  9. What would happen when there are 2 people standing and the ender dragon is defeated?
  10. I'm pleased, and I own an egg :)
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  11. I would love the idea of being able to get a dragon egg myself.

    The problem is, how often would this be?
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  12. Well, we are working on ideas to make them USEFUL at the same time. So the "often" part is whats going to upset the owners the most.

    We're trying to keep them hard to get but still "obtainable", with the idea if someone / group of people put in good effort, they can get one.

    It would still be worth a good chunk of money, but "millions" is not a target price range we really want to see the eggs at... but 5k is also not a price we would like to see it at either (too low).

    Please don't ask for any more details than that... because there's nothing I can really state on it yet cause its not fully decided on :)
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  13. I would go shoot myself if like 1 out of 10 players was messing around with Ender Dragon Eggs

    This would ruin everything about the 5 lucky persons with Eggs already.
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  14. That is true, I would love to have the egg myself :p
  15. what about sponge?
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  16. I'll look up sponge in the wiki now, but I think the coding was removed. Ill edit this post when I find out.

    EDIT: The Minecraft Wiki says:
    Sponge is a block notable in Classic and Indev for being able to erase water within a 5×5×5 area.
    In Minecraft versions starting with Alpha it is a purely decorative block only attainable via Creative Mode or inventory editing.
  17. I think mark doesn't understand the tone of your post... but look at this way.

    Enderdragon and the egg is a COMPLETELY broken experience in SMP. There is absolutely no thought put into it for how it was to work on SMP. We can not accept this broken philosophy, and we are looking to fix the problem.

    So, if 1 out of 10 people put the effort in to earn the egg with what we are proposing, then yes 1/10 will end up with an egg..

    The idea is, if you put in the effort, you can be rewarded (and its more than simply Mine X for Y Time to earn Z rupees to purchase one from shop... It will take effort)

    Sure the few who have eggs will lose a major trophy status, but I'm currently contemplating ideas on how to compensate them.
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  18. IMHO, the original dragon eggs should have an enchantment put on them (if that's possible using a plugin) so that they glow if/when more are created. That way, the original dragon eggs are still worth more than the new ones.
  19. We have an idea that will give the current owners a major advantage. Stay tuned for details :) moose agrees it is a nice "bonus" to the current owners.
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  20. grrr... suspence. WHY!?!?