[suggestion] Empire UHC?

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if there is a Empire UHC would you participate?

sure sounds fun! 5 vote(s) 29.4%
nah i like building 12 vote(s) 70.6%
  1. Hey guys lately i have been doing alot of uhc's and thought why doesn't the empire start haveing one every so often? i think it would be a really cool idea. if you dont know what UHC is well here is a quick explination... its a pvp minigame were you mine resources and what not and then you fight to the death. you may think ok so what? well natural regen is off so you can only regen with gold apples and potions. it is a quite easy game and would be cool. this is just a suggestion so dont give me hate plz :). your friend from the wild -spy
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  2. If UHC is going to be anywhere on the Empire, I see it being an event on Dystopia if that is still going to happen.

    I do not know about the whole PVP aspect though. EMC advertises it's non-PVP.
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  3. What does UHC mean?
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  4. Ultra hardcore something
    Edit: Ultra HardCore
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  5. UHC means ultra hardcore. also skydragon it is meant to be an event not anywere
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  6. To me Is a good idea but i belief it would be on the games server when it comes out....
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  8. Oh dear lord I hate UHC, or any PVP based things. But I'm sure a lot of other people would enjoy this.
  9. this has been suggested before and i'm pretty sure it was shot down, as emc does not allow pvp outside of the arenas
  10. I remember a suggestion for UHC existing (although I could just be making that up in my head, :p) and the answer being a 'no', but probably not for that reason. If we didn't allow PvP, we wouldn't have the PvP arena/events.
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  11. same to be honest the only reason i come to town is for the pvp arenas
  12. I like the idea, but I would probably not play, as I probably wouldn't even know half of the people participating.
    Would they have permanent rules for every season, or would they vary, you think?
  13. If they're still allowed, I'm sure this would be possible with an off-server event.
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  14. Oh I would totally want to UHC on EMC! I'd love it Bring it on!! :)
  15. Maybe regular hunger games but UHC is very time consuming for it to be moderated, staff would have to spend a long time moderating just one game. It may work if it is a rare event but I highly doubt it will if you wanted it to be regular, even on the games server.
    Just my two cents :)
  16. Each Season of UHC would have a diffrent twist such as like a world border that shrinks within an hour or what not or like you may donate hearts to teamates *note none of these are my idea's and have been used in offcial UHC's* also if anyone wants these uhc's that have used these ideas lemme know and i will link it -spy
  17. I'd be looking forward to the two teams, everyone solo start, positional mumble plugin then! :D
    I also love shrinking world borders.
  18. Regular solo uhc is just fine! i love SOLO!
  19. Well. We have a PVP arena. And we're making a server devoted to games. This is a PVP game. I don't see any major changes coming about, just another games server possibility