[ Suggestion ] Empire Tombs

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  1. Basically instead of Dragon Tombs, my suggestion is to make "Empire Tombs" , featuring Empire Minecraft exclusive content. Maybe something similar to A zombie village raid, except may be its enraged zombies and a momentus, or at a witch hut, a sorgina and some enraged witchs, or maybe like 2-3 minibosses spawn near eachother on rare occasion, Maybe a Enraged Iron Golem that has improved stats and is hostile o nhigher difficultys, potentially dropping steel ingots, overall providing more of a challenge and an incentive to play with multiple players

    I feel like this could be a fun addition to the Survival Update series
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  3. Custom structures would indeed be a fun addition, not sure I'd be the target audience for it but I'd be down for it nonetheless
  4. Given this alot of thought (and just seeing the post again, I will comment quick before losing it) and this seems to me to be a bit of a mashup between a Miner Mania and a Mob Arena. It is heavy on the combat, but if it were on Games for groups to enjoy, then it might have some benefit for players.
    A (maybe not THE) Build Team making a custom environment for (each of?) the mobs would be enjoyable, similar to those at the the pvp arenas. These Boss events could be offered when other BuildTeam seasonal builds are not available and perhaps wouldn't burden staff with needing a host (if that could work).
    A major difference with Mob Arena would be that items take damage always and no different rounds. Much in the same way that Miner Mania groups attack the mobs and risk their gear