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  1. Hey EMC, another suggestion. What if EMC had an official museum. It could have staff heads, former staff heads, promos, and other information about EMC. I am pretty sure that finch_rocks and FDNY21 have big museums like this, but maybe there is something they couldn't get that EMC could put in. Tell me what you think, thanks! :)
  2. Nice idea. +1

    The build team will have yet another large project to work on, however.
  3. I volunteer to house ALL items. Free of charge!
  4. This is going to get shot down so hard, just a heads up. +0, since people already have museums of pretty much everything.
  5. +1 An Official museum made by the server would be great to have!
  6. Why? Not like the items can be taken out and traded. They are there to show all special items that have been released. It's a 3D wiki. It hurts no one to have it and it's the one place that would show people every single special item in the same place.

    A big +1 for this.
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  7. There are already several museums on EMC, with most if not all the special items.
  8. There could be sections of it with information about the different smps. Or maybe a place to honor people who stood out and helped EMC a lot.- maybe.... A Hall of Fame....
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  9. Impossible. There are some items that only exist in quantities of 1. These don't even need to be the actual promo just a place holder of all releases.
  10. And there is only one for a reason.
  11. Not to mention to do this would require making another copy of all the promos, staff heads, and everything else.
  12. It doesn't make sense to create duplicate copies of ultra-rate items. Besides, if you want info on all items, check the Wiki. That's what it's there for. :)
  13. This wouldn't require it for everything, there has already been people saying they will donate items. They would only have to duplicate one of a kind items. It wouldn't matter if it was ultra rare because it still belongs to EMC, not a certain player.
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  14. There is one of a kind items for a reason, those that have them earned them. Duplicating it would be wrong.
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  15. Not even SS are allowed to carry duplicates of very very very rare items. :p
  16. Like Penguin said, the wiki has EVERYTHING there is on the Empire, everyone has access to the wiki, and it is much simpler when you need to find a specific item.
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  17. I understand the point you are trying to make, but we like having the players have museums of their own. You don't go to one museum in the world and see it all. You have to visit multiple.
  18. It wouldn't be wrong because no other player can say that they have that. It still doesn't belong to anyone else and it is a "duplicate" not the real thing. The people who have earned them would still have them one of a kind.
  19. I like this idea. I don't feel like it would lessen the value of the ultra rare items any more than the wiki does. It wouldn't be an item that actually gets passed around the community or goes through the economy. It would just be a 3D picture of what the wiki shows.
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