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  1. What great Empire doesn't have a Colosseum?!?

    Here is what I think it should be:
    • Colosseum-style
      • Maybe some EMC sparkled into it.
    • Every 6 or 12 hours, a Mega-boss spawns
      • Enraged Marlix
      • Enraged Momentus
        • More health, makes you work with others to defeat it.
        • Those mobs are possible examples
    • When the Mega-boss is alive, a message appears in Town Chat
      • Who dares to battle the infamous _____?
        /Colosseum to queue up for battle!
      • Also when you join so you don't miss it
        • Message appears when you go up in the queue
          • "You are now #13 in queue"
          • This helps so you know when to prepare
    • Limited amount of people allowed to fight the mega-boss at one time
      • Possibly a Queue. I am thinking 10 people in the arena at one time?
      • This is to prevent over population and give a fair fight, you will see
    • In the Colosseum, the Mega-boss can and probably will kill you
      • When you die, you are put back into the queue. You can opt out of the queue if you want
    • Item durability is enabled
      • You do not lose items
    Some other things that could be cool:

    • Team events that can happen
      • Have everybody stand on pressure plates at the same time to get a temporary buff
      • Temporarily have potions or buffs you get happen to everybody
    • Top 5 people who dealt the most damage get a reward
    • Mobs spawn to give players something else to fight as a distraction
    This could be cool.


    • Colosseum
    • Mega-boss spawns in it
    • Queue up to try to kill it
    • You lose durability, but you keep items if you die
    • Teamwork
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  2. Mob Arena clone isn't it?
  3. Yes, but this is hardcore. :)
  4. Wouldn't this give an advantage to someone who queues late?

    • Get an item for helping defeating the boss. You do not get it if you are not in the arena
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  5. I would say get a item a considerable amount of damage to the boss
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  6. I guess it would, it is really based on chance. Changing it now, tell me what you think:
    • Top 5 players who dealt the most damage get an item for helping defeat the boss
    EDIT: Ninja'd by a reptile.
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  7. There's already code of some sort in place that is used to determine whether you get rewarded based on the amount of player damage done. Maybe everyone who participates could be rewarded tokens based on the amount of damage each does or as you say, maybe the top percentile. The tokens could be used to trade in for special items like the ESCD? last year.

    People have certainly dreamed up enough potential monsters to stock it with a wide variety for us.
  8. I think enraged and normal Minibosses should be sprinkled in between. Mabye a wither every so often. :D
  9. I stopped reading after Colosseum


    So much yes!

    I'm not sure about your ideas about mobs spawning and all that, but - no offense - I also don't really care about that too much. But having a Colosseum build where some events could be held (mob arena maybe?) sounds awesome to me. Seems much more appealing than the squared arena which we have now. Note: not saying that it's bad or anything, but still looks a little bit dull at times ;)

    Any Empire should have a Colosseum I think :)
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  10. I wanted to do the mob arena into a Colosseum, but I expected too many "It's fine the way it is" comments. A Colosseum would be more efficient since it doesn't really have corners and it's a freaking Colosseum.

    This was the best alternative I thought up. Although the curent arena looks great, it is 15% functionality, 85% extra space.
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  11. Cause you're a stone slab God, there would be a stone slab boss?
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  12. Why put a mob that's impossible to kill? Think before you speak, Ethy202. :p
  13. They are invincible? I didn't know that.
  14. Sounds good
  15. +1 We need an automated PvE arena
  16. Some of the factors that go into the current mob arena have to do with chunks loading, etc in order to facilitate a mod being able to run it efficiently because that's priority. Automated events are planned on the upcoming Games Server where obviously there is more flexibility. Simon has been having a field day with it all =)