[Suggestion] Emeralds = Rupees

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  1. Mojang have stated emeralds will not be used for tools, smelting, crafting or anything really other than using emerald blocks for building.
    What they are however made for is currency. I was thinking about this and it makes sense that we would be able to sell emeralds to the EMC stores on each server.
    That way emeralds get used for their intended purpose and people who have worked hard to get their hands on them will not be left with something they can't use.
  2. Yes and no...

    Villagers will have trades such as like: 10 wheat for 1 emerald and uhh.. Other types of trades which would make emeralds rather really easy to get them... and can be also be turned back to the villagers for.. some stuff they trade. :p
    It wouldn't be fair to buy 10 emeralds from villagers for 100 wheat and sell them for 100rupees each at the shop..
  3. would be nice to have a mods feedback.
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  4. It would be like a 20r per emerald
  5. I'm worried about villager trading.

    If we're allowed villagers, then they'll buy a small amount of wheat (18-21) for 1 emerald - and we all know, wheat costs almost nothing.

    So that means, the cost of an emerald is likely to be very low - perhaps 1 or 2 rupees.

    But they'll sell gold ingots for 1 emerald. So that means, the price of gold could drop to 1-2 rupees.

    They'll also sell other items - including these;

    Diamond sword/pick/axe/chestplate - 2-4 emeralds
    Glowstone - 1 emerald
    Iron ingot - 1 emerald
    Diamond - 1 emerald.

    So that means, the prices of all of those could drop to almost nothing - ie glowstone, diamonds, diamond picks for 1 or 2 rupees.

    Even more complex is, they'll sell "bottle o' enchanting" - which means, if people are selling emeralds super-cheap, people will be able to get top-level enchants for perhaps 10 rupees.

    Silk touch / Unbreaking / Fortune picks, for 10r? This sounds like it'll cause a huge number of problems for EMC.

    Couple that with the new enchant system (low-level max of XP30, and you get XP from just smelting cobble) and ender-chests (which mean people can get things home, instantly, with no danger) and...

    I'm worried that the economy could collapse, that the rupees and items we've worked hard to get will be worth very little, and that the game could get far too easy.
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  6. With that stuff you say, I docn't think they would allow villager trading, or disable it for some items, because you can get chainmail from them, it is cool if they allow that.
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  7. It's part of "Vanilla minecraft" though...

    I hope EMC are going to think very carefully about things, before upgrading to 1.3.
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  8. With villager trading the game is evolving and moving forward. I think if EMC did not upgrade to 1.3 people may start leaving. There is no doubt the economy will change, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
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  9. I agree about the game moving forwards; I'm just concerned because I'm sure lots of us have strived, for a long time, to get rupees and to collect valuable items including enchanted items; if the value of those plummets, it'll collapse the rupee economy. Long-term, that might infact be a good thing, but it'd make a lot of people very upset, if suddenly all their items were worth much much less.

    But... there's now three threads discussing this issue; this one here, plus these;
    Happy Birthday EMC / 1.3 Wild Reset / Feature Updates! (page 7)
    [Suggestion] Emeralds = Rupees

    I don't want to write about the same thing in three places - but I posted here because you were talking about the enchanting aspect.

    But it's all part of the same issue, and something I think we need to think very carefully about, when considering 1.3.
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  10. The real big question re villagers is - will EMC be re-enabling villager breeding - which is currently disabled for 'performance reasons'.
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  11. I am not sure if I am for or against this, as villager trading is and will always be the key aspect of 1.3. Bring on the thinking cap!
  12. I have tested bottles O' enchanting and it takes well over 500 bottles to get to Level 50.
  13. You tested it to see 500 bottles get you to lvl 50?! That would take you about... 20mins?!?!?!
  14. There is no point in going to XP level 50 on version 1.3.

    The maximum enchant level is 30.
  15. The EMC store is designed as a cap for the markets, nothing more. I wouldn't expect a time where you could anything to the EMC store (as that takes out the player based economy).

    As far as emeralds go:

    I see the price of the emerald being relatively valuable. It's about supply and demand, and you're right that 20 wheat = 1 emerald, but theres still going to be a demand for the emerald due to what they can trade for. If the end goal is say potions of enchanting, then people are going to be willing to pay for emeralds to get to that point. As the price of emeralds goes up, the demand for goods to convert into emeralds goes up, and thus wheat prices go up. I really see that emeralds raise the prices on many low tier goods.

    As like a pig stated, it take 16 stacks of enchanting bottles to get to level 30, so its not a cheap process, even if emeralds were worth 1r each. I highly doubt they will end up that way given whats said above.

    1.3 will definitely shift around the economy a bit. But so has every update. There was a time where a sheep cost 300r from /buy animal commands and breeding wasn't an option. Wool prices went down drastically since, but I for one think its better than before. Emeralds will shift the economy, but it doesn't have to be for the worse.
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  16. I disagree.

    The price of wheat cannot increase significantly, because anyone can grow a stack of wheat in about 5 minutes. And with very little effort, you can grow 50 stacks in the same length of time.

    I cannot possibly see how the price of wheat could rise.
  17. No, just click really fast and count. Its simple.
  18. The issue is based on time and space. A single wheat stalk takes on average 30 minutes to grow to maturity.

    Source: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Wheat_Farming

    That being said, growing a huge wheat farm is possible, but then it must be replanted and the process starts a new. Right now, I have a sheep farm that pays 16r per stack of wool sheared, and provides the shears. It takes me around 30 seconds to get a stack or two of wool personally. Finding someone to work that farm for a long period of time is rather difficult, and they make a possible 32r per minute.

    Wheat farmers are going to have to put in significantly more time than that for less gains than you'd expect.

    A 60 by 60 plot of wheat (normal res), would grant you 3600 wheat per harvest. After which you'd have to replant the entire res and wait 60 minutes. Why 60 minutes? The average time is 30 minutes, but to have the whole plot finished is 60 (see above link). This is also in a ideal, no lag, scenario. I'd say the replanting process would take 15-30 minutes. So on the short end you're looking at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    So now you've got your 3600 wheat. I'm going to use the number 20 (even though the range is 18-21 for wheat trading) because the numbers stay clean. Your 3600 wheat now becomes 180 emeralds.

    So for 1 hour and 15 minutes of your time you end up with 180 emeralds. Assuming they are valued at 1r each as you suggested, that's 180r. Meanwhile I have series of 7 chests that pay 90r for a stack of sandstone. In 30 minutes I can get more than 2 stacks of sandstone for sure, and that's just a single example. 9 glowstone is worth 180r. 5 diamonds are 200r. Personally, if I don't find 5 diamonds after a hour of mining, I'm depressed.

    What I'm getting at is there are better ways to make money, and if a player can make more money doing something else, they will go that route.
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  19. Emeralds will be low yes, but I def not 1-2 rupee low...

    Id estimate they will stabilize around 10-20 rupees..

    Villager trading is pretty much crappy trades except for enchants. The trades you advertised would be extremely rare if they even existed.

    Max setup a large villager trading post on SP and i assure you the trades were nowhere near that good.d

    It'll be fine, but yes it will bring some change to the economy.

    Change is coming, people need to embrace and adapt instead of trying to resist... We are not going to remove a core vanilla feature just to 'prevent change'

    Enchanting prices are GOING to crash, and nothing we do will ever stop that.

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  20. What I don't think people understand about what is going to come for enchanting is that even if enchanting takes a 50% fall it will now only take half the time to level cap. So you will sell two for the price of one yes, however to balance that, it take half the effort to enchant one, therefore you can sell two for the same price and same effort as it would take to enchant one in 1.2.5
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