[Suggestion] EMC World Records!

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Is this a good idea? Please vote AFTER reading the post!

+1 9 vote(s) 75.0%
0 2 vote(s) 16.7%
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  1. Hey guys! I think adding World Records to EMC would make the EMC experience more fun/competitive!
    1. We could have Events where people try to beat records, This will help the community come together like regular events.
    2. People can have fun while being competitive!
    3. We could have a World Record Book and awards for people who make/beat records. The book would show people who hold the current records.

    Please vote if you think this is a good idea! Suggest ideas and thoughts!
  2. I'm voting in between. My reasoning is, this is a good idea, but I think it may be hard to maintain and keep a world record book, but we do already have a leaderboard for those that win events. However, I'm all for having some more events, and that brings me on to another point that this post reminded me of... the EMC Games. It was a while ago (maybe 2014?), we had the EMC Games where there were events that loads of people took part in and spectated too. I felt like that really brought the community together. It takes a lot of planning, but I'd be happy to see something like that again if other people do too! :)
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  3. I like the general idea, it would be quite fun. How do you think it would work though? Would a SR. staff change it every time someone beat the record, which would mean everyone would have to buy a new book. Would the server keep track and replace the books ever time with a new automated/generated book?

    Again, I like the idea, it would be nice to have a tiny bit more detail though
  4. Thats why we have the events. They try to beat them there. Then after they event they go into the book (If they beat it) If they don't they wil have to try again next event. This keeps it organised and easy for people to make the book. Thanks for your thoughts! :)
  5. I'm not sure SR.Staff would have time to do this, If there was a way for the server to log the books and change them that would be great, If not I would happily make new books myself.
  6. If you were making the books, would it be a "official" empire minecraft feature or just a fun little service. Also if you where to do it your self, I wouldn't have a problem but some might think you might tamper with the results.
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  7. I would like it to be an official Empire Minecraft feature. But if I were to make them I couldnt add the soulbound and final enchants (I would like these so players cant tamper with the book and dont lose it) I agree on your last point. There will be some players who may think I will tamper but there is nothing I can really do about that.
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  8. Yes, so people win at the events, and get added to the leaderboard that we already have. What book are you trying to talk about? Having an in-game book wouldn't work, I don't think. Once it's been signed, it won't be able to be changed. And then each time a record was broken, people would have to get a new book again because it would have to be updated. If everyone had a book then they'd have to keep changing it out to get updated ones as it can't be updated itself (as far as I know), and if there was only a central book for one person then nobody else would get to see it. Each time an update was needed, the whole book would have to be copied and written in again.

    As I said, I like the idea, but I don't think it could work. I think that the leaderboard we have for events is already a similar feature that works well and can be seen centrally for everyone and can be updated easily without any hassle.
  9. I mean we would have a NEW leaderboard specifically for world records. I agree the book could be tricky to do, But it could work, it just needs to be properly figured out.
  10. I don't think the book could work, not with how the books work in vanilla, at least. If you think they could work then let me know how, because an in-game book would be a hard one to keep updated from what I can tell. We already have a leaderboard for events. If you're suggesting a new leaderboard, what sort of things do you suggest we put on it? Most of the events that are on involve firefloor, mob arena etc. If you want to do an unofficial EMC World Records in your own book/thread though then that would be okay. I remember jewel_king did his own EMC World Records a few months back, but after a few weeks, it proved to be hard to maintain and update constantly, and it wasn't updated again in the end.