[Suggestion] EMC on MCPE?

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  1. EMC has gone a long way since I first joined it. But, I was wondering, can there be an Empire Minecraft server on Minecraft Pocket Edition? I play MCPE a lot and I think it would benefit people with siblings who use the computer a lot. That way, they wouldn't have to fight over the computer to get on EMC.

    I know that Pocket Edition lacks some features like redstone circuitry. But the MCPE server doesn't have to have everything on computer edition EMC. It can grow as Mojang/Microsoft develops MCPE and adds more features such as redstone circuitry. Also, it can be hard to develop promos. I understand that. But like I said, not everything in EMC on the computer edition has to be on the MCPE EMC right when it comes out. Now, I don't think I can add anymore, so I'm going to see what people have to say about this idea.
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  2. Aikar and the developers are already working their hardest for the PC version, if they make another server to handle, it would make EMC updates come slower.

    Plus, I think MCPE may require a different form of code than MCPC so he might have to relearn the code.

    I don't even think that MCPE is able to be similar to MCPC.
  3. A MCPE server would be fantastic.
    I can say, I would play on it when I get unbanned if MCPE EMC comes out.
    Promos might not be needed, this could be EMC Lite.
    This could be a community for players who can't afford Computer version, but still want to play on a EMC community.
    It would be a LOT less advanced than EMC, but it would probably be fun, and Griefers wouldn't join, considering the bulk of Griefers are on MCPC, making the wild a true fun experience, with outposts in hills.
    If we can generate a 1.8 or even a ancient type of world from the start, it would also be great, removing the ugliness of Swamp + Grasslands in town plots, and making the wild look a lot neater.
    Overall, this thread is getting a like.
  4. Glad you like it! :D
  5. This would be practically impossible to do with pocket edition multiplayer in its current state.
  6. Well, yes, it is quite bad.
  7. Unfortunately the server would have to be re-coded entirely. MCPE servers are in C++. Now while I highly doubt Aikar not knowing it, it would still have to be completely redone.
  8. It's impossible.
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  9. imagine when the xbox, ps3, and mobile versions of minecraft are up-to-date with the pc version; they'd all probably be compatible with each other. that way, you would be able to play minecraft (on emc) anywhere (with internet)!

    ps: bad grammar^
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  10. Me?
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