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  1. Hiya EMC! Today I'm watching the luge Olympics and as I keep watching i Kees saying: "Why not have the Olympic Games in minecraft?" Well the harder I think I see more roads and then more walls. So back to the point, so for the in game Olympics I thought of some ideas;
    •iceskateing : do some moves on ice w/ jump 3 & speed 2
    •idk*: shoot 5 buttons w/ only 5 arrows then ride a pig to the finnish line. every missed shot will result in doing a loop befor procceding

    Also I have some prizes and how to get:
    •gold: gold ingot w/ gold medal for a name, shiny, and possibly a name hung on a 'wall of fame' for ever
    •silver: iron ingot w/ silver medal for name, shiny and hung on 'wall of fame till' next 4 years (or game)
    •bronze: nether brick w/ bronze medal for a name, shiny, hung on 'wall of fame' for a week
    •participation: paper w/ Olympic participant for name
    •judges: a torch that has a name of Olympic torch, shiny, and gets hung on 'wall of fame untill place is taken

    Also This is my first suggestion so plz dont criticize this as spam or junk
    PS I need more events
  2. Back in 2012 Olympic events on EMC were all the rage, but none of them worked out. :/ It's a nice idea, and would be excellent if ran and organised well, but usually it's not.
  3. As Alex said, they haven't really worked out. The only olympics that really went ahead were the LLOlympics, and the attendance and participation wasn't exactly the best.

    It would be great if someone could get a proper planned olympics working, and get heaps of people coming along and participating. But it'd need quite a bit of organisation to do so.
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  4. If you decided to go through with this, I definitely recommend doing it in town, on utopia if possible. More people will be willing to type "/v xxxx" than to travel out to the wild and risk dying. Plus, you have much more control over griefing, and you don't have to deal with creepers.
  5. Are you holding the Olympics or are you suggesting that we have an official empire Olympics?
  6. T
    Well I was holding to suggest because I'm having a hard time making a living in 2227 befor my old res 2543 was taken w/ all my stuff
    well its a new year and I bet we would have more ppl to join but then again resources and bugs etc.
  7. If it was an official EMC event, this would be great.
  8. we could just break out the good old tnt olympics map and see what happens :p
  9. that seems cool, maybe if its on a utopia res there would be enough room, maybe 2 or 3 resses
  10. For diamond members :(
  11. Speaking from experience with setting up an Olympics on minecraft…it's just not quite the same feel. The excitement isn't quite there as it is in real life.
    They're also rather hard to just set up in general. Take your ice skating for example. How would that be judged? Couldn't everyone do exactly the same "tricks"?
    Just my 2¢.
  12. I was thinking about hosting/organizing one.. It would take a lot of time, and money. We could have archery, races, and other creative things to show the competitive spirits of players.

    Even if I tried to organize one of these events, it would be hard to control it, with players complaining, arguing, or not following the rules. It's hard to organize events without getting any of that.
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  13. Money actually shouldn't be an issue unless you have rupee prizes or are too lazy to go to the wild/waste :p
    Time is definitely a huge problem. The LLOlympics and the front-paged EMC Olympics project by SoulPunisher took many months to set up…and neither were very successful.
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