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  1. Ok, so this would be an event reward that would be given out occasionally. It would have the "rarity" of Arena Blades/LongBows, but would not be an item. As you all know, you can suggest Promos and Event items. However the odds of them happening isn't always in your favor. This reward gives you the chance to make your own item which will be dropped at the next big EMC Event. There would be limitations on this, and to keep it from getting too Op, only items that are not tools and that have not been a promo before will be allowed. Hope you guys like it. Start NO arguments in the comments, and give me your negative feedback in a constructive way, not in a rude way.
  2. I don't know, there's not much of a difference between this and just suggesting a promo on the website.
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  3. Well this way it's more of a "It'll happen" than a, "Eh, maybe"
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  4. They don't disapprove of things because they just want to. They do it for a reason. Not every suggestion is practical and they do consider the ones that look practical and interesting. There's the promo suggestion form for a reason and they do read every single one.
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  5. Well, there has to be a valid reason behind why some suggested promos wont happen. If I understood this correctly, this is like putting a priority over other suggestions?
  6. It's not a promo item, it would be a DP Item. And in a way, yes it is, but did the person who suggested the item win the opportunity to suggest it?
  7. Why win the opportunity to suggest something when you can already suggest it when ever you want to?
  8. Because with this prize you can count on it happening, while with a suggestion you can't really know.
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  9. There's a reason it's a suggestion and not saying "I had this idea for a promo, make it."
    If that happened, a lot of promotional items would be overpowered, and less special.
    But that's just my 2 rupees.
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  10. Sean stated they would not be tools, which makes up for the overpowered part.
  11. One worry I have is that with all these special items, they'll lose that 'special' quality. They'll just be items with a colored name and at that point they're not special. All custom items made by any staff member have to be approved by Krysyy.

    And what Jay and Haro said.
  12. Well, it's not like there will be any sp"un-special rarity" to these items. They're released at DP's in limited quantities, just as any other DP items. And are you saying that if a player makes something it's not special? It has to be thought of by staff to be special? because I'm pretty sure that's not true.
  13. The conclusion jump is real. No where in his post did he say that anything not made by staff isn't special. He said that custom items have to be approved by staff, not created by. You might want to follow your own philosophy, as outlined by
    But then again, you said it yourself.
  14. This suggestion is good, but has a few flaws. :)
    1. A player could easily recreate one of the Empire Contest Items or really any other non-tool item, so that would have to be regulated.
    2. As the others have said, it does take away from the uniqueness of some of those rarer, hard-worked for items (or items that have memories behind them) if players can earn an equally rare and unique item at a drop party.
    3. Even if giving these out in limited quantities, they still create a huge influx of totally new items that have to be added to the Wiki, creating an overwhelming tide of rare items. For example, if five of these opportunities to make new items were dropped, that's FIVE unique items that now can exist, not just one.
    4. There are a LOT of players out there who would end up making an item that isn't well-done. Though many people have good ideas, some ideas are frankly very poor, and an admin-approved item will likely be more well received at a drop party than a random player-made item ONLY because the player-made item has a lot more potential to have flaws. Now, this does not mean that all players are bad at making items; I'm just saying that we have 350,000 players, and a high percentage of them are likely to be a bit less than perfectionist about it. :p
  15. The contest items, as stated, would be dis-allowed. No items would have special abilities, so nothing I'm not positive what you would mean by flaws. The items wouldn't have functions, most DP Items don't. And how does this add to the rare items anymore than a regular DP item? It doesn't. If Krysyy adds in a renamed and lored item at a DP, it's the equivalent to a player making one for the upcoming DP.
  16. I'm now politely asking for you to not respond to this thread. You wanna post random comments I can't stop you, but I will continue to report your comments if required. Basically all of your posts on my suggestions are conclusion-jumps, only yours don't have any reason to make sense. It wasn't a conclusion jump. He stated
    So, he was saying in order for items to be special, it had to be a staff made item. I love how much hypocrytism you use in your posts. Always gives me a good laugh.
  17. You misunderstood that. I meant that an influx of special items will make the current rare items (and future ones) less special/valuable because there will be more one-of-a-kind items out there.
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  18. They are special because they are rare and unique, not because a staff member made them.

    Stop trying to condemn him for something he didn't say.
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  19. You're the one being rude here now. xHaro's post was completely justified and in no way random and you chewed him out for it because, once again, you didn't read the post. You also show a level of hypocrisy here. There were no conclusion jumps in Haro's post, he actually used text-based evidence to clearly support his statement without any conclusion jumps being made.
  20. And speaking from personal experiences,

    Cory and I have made several items that were considered special by members

    Piece of World Trade Center (Iron Block with a specified number, released as a remembrance item on 9/11/2015)
    Limited Edition Halloween Head (Special head with the appearance of a Jack-O-Lantern, only 10 in Existence)

    Both of these were considered special, and neither of us are staff members.
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