[ SUGGESTION ] EMC clan of Clash Of Clans

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  1. Heya emc peoplez! I started playing clash of clans on my I-phone this weekend and really like it. If you don't have it or haven't played, it's an online strategy game were you can unite with others and bring down your opponents. This united People make up a clan (duh). So I was wondering if anyone here wanted to start and emc clan.

  2. Creeper, my friends kinda forced me to play but I admit its addicting. I probably wont make or join an EMC clan because I am in one now. Here is the clan name: infinate
    If you want join this! It has 2 EMC ppl in it already: Wyver10 (me) and Porkchop_lover66
  3. Well, thanks but O started my own clan is this thread died away :p
  4. I love Clash of Clans!!
    I wont go in a EMC Clan, i started, and, i stay, always at the clan from my friends, it's a cool clan :D (and i'm elder :p)
  5. Lol I am da best one there I am in north 44 but I don't want to say my name because u guys could kill my clan
  6. Clash of Clans? Sounds like my kind of game. I don't plan to play, I'm tied up with the New Republic and a very big Polandball comic I'm making, but I'll happily research it and give strategic advice if possible.
    EDIT: Done research, nothing I can say.
  7. I'm not allowed to play anymore :( I accidentally named by empire my real name