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  1. We all know that EMC has custom plugins, so why not a custom app. Sometimes, it annoys me that I have to use such a small screen to look at such a big website, so why not an app. The app would have everything the website has, but easier to access. I was thinking that the home page/orientation would be something like this (see attachment). It would have tabs, so everything wouldn't be so small on the screen, or at least more accessible without zooming in.

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  2. Well there is an app, or at least there was. I know it was not that good and, it was made by a player. But if the staff were to add to it that would be cool.
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  4. well, I got shot down, as usual
  5. haha!!!

    EDIT: jk, you're a good friend, *wink*
  6. Its funny how ive posted a suggestion for an EMC app before they said its not worth it.
  7. I wasn't trying to make you feel that way. I was just letting you know that the idea has been suggested before, and probably still won't be accepted for various reasons stated in the other threads. :)
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  8. oh, ik that
  9. Im pretty sure other players said it was 'not worth it' never the staff.
  10. I never said neither the staff or the people of EMC said it, no offense, but I don't remember who did so I referred them as "They".
  11. There is no need for an app. The site works perfectly fine on a mobile device. Also, apparently Justin wants to update XenForo, which means the site will be responsive, so basically it will scale down on smaller devices.
  12. I wasn't complaining that the site was unresponsive, I was just saying that it would be more convenient if we had an app that was like the one that I explained above in the OP.
  13. What I mean is that the site would scale down so that it fits on a mobile device screen. There is no need for an app.