[Suggestion] Eggafying, Mailing, And Vaulting Costing Tokens

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I like the tokens for egging idea. 7 vote(s) 33.3%
I like the tokens for mailing idea. 1 vote(s) 4.8%
I like the tokens for vaulting idea. 3 vote(s) 14.3%
I don't like any of them! 13 vote(s) 61.9%
I like all of them! 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Tokens have barely any use atm, and it seems like egging mobs, mailing, and vaulting shouldn't cost ruppees, but instead tokens. All prices would remain the same, only would cost tokens instead. If the player has no tokens for the vault, it would be free like it is now if you don't have enough ruppees. This is just an idea, and my main goal is to get egging to cost tokens. If players do not want to go into the wastes to get tokens, they can always vote, so there is not a problem of saying that some players are too weak to fight any custom mobs. Please leave feedback below :D

    So after all your suggestions I'd like to change this up a little. You should be able to switch between ruppees and tokens for these in /ps, so what do u guys think of that?
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  2. I wouldn't like this. There are limited amounts of tokens and I don't wanna waste all mine with something like this.
    Sorry, -1
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  3. I personally do not think that tokens for vaulting would work. What would the new people do? I feel like this would make it impossible for new players to vault at all, even with tokens from voting.
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  4. I would think that rupees are much easier to acquire, compared to tokens. Considering that these 3 tools are very much used, I feel that this could put a lot of players in a sticky situation when they don't have enough.
    It's a -1 from me, but that's just my thoughts on it ;)
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  5. Meh, they will have uses for tokens soon and I'm pretty low on tokens and would rather not use them for stuff like this. -1. Sorry :(
  6. I earned 5 tokens for my vote today. That should be enough to eggify a few mobs, so the price would have to be 1-2 tokens. Too little in my opinion, especially since killing a miniboss gets you 2,000+. The features should still cost rupees as they do now.
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  7. What if you could toggle between paying for these basic services (eggifying, mailing, vaulting) under player settings?

    Basic Services [Rupee] [Token]

    Default it to rupee. You get token rich and rupee poor, you can still pay. Like it the way it is with rupees, just leave it.

    Only question would be the value of tokens to rupees. I have no idea what the ratio is that is given out for voting. Looking at the Avalauncher and the cost of a res biome change I'd say 10/1 is comfortable. It would be nice to establish just what the value is...

    But the point is, why not have a choice?
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  8. Tokens are by no means limited. They are completely unlimited.

    I only agree with eggification costing tokens. It is in the wild. We do need rupee sinks, so mailing and vaulting should remain.
  9. this is what needs to happen :p
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  10. I definitely like the idea behind this suggestion but while also fully agreeing with some of the comments above.

    Therefor I only voted for eggifying because I think that would be perfectly suited for it. Simply because eggifying in town is free, so (new) players wouldn't have any issues here. And players who go out into the wild to gain a profit would actually need to put in a bit of effort before they can grab a horse. I see clear parallels with enchanting or repairing an item where the same applies. There you'd need to get XP first and foremost before you can do any of the sort.

    So in vanilla gameplay you'd need XP before you can enchant, with "EMC gameplay" you'd need some tokens before you can do "wild eggifying". It does make the game a little harder, but only for those who venture out into the wastelands. People can still breed and eggify horses in town for free.


    And I even wonder if this could help "fix" the problem of dozens of claimed yet unused horses in the wasteland? Some people commented on that as well: that there are many horses which have been claimed yet not used, so others can't get to them anymore.


    I don't like the idea for mailing and using your vault because of reasons already stated above.

    But I definitely like your thinking; giving tokens a bit more use without going overboard too much.