[SUGGESTION] Easier road edits

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  1. Hello all.
    So, road edits can be annoying, getting senior staff all the time and trying to show them what you want. My suggestion: If you have 2 residences next to eachother, you can pay 10k for unlimited build access on the road inbetween the 2 residences. This will allow you to build on it yourself and could be done by command (eg. /editroad) while standing on the road. This could also be done if the res opposite wasn't yours, if they give you permission. (eg. /editroad permission [Player])
  2. This would get complicated quickly, as every single section of road would need to be subzoned and the permission thing would be invalid as soon as the other residence is unclaimed or forceclaimed, which would then be complicated as do you just lose everything there or is it still up for dispute? I think with all the complications and considerations that need to be taken into account, it's better to just have senior staff do it.

    Oh and as a bonus, if senior staff does it and something goes wrong, then you have someone to blame ;)
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  3. I see what xharo_der is saying... but I also agree it would be very helpfull
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  4. True, didn't really think about all that haha. Was just thinking about an easier way for road edits, it can sometimes be annoying waiting for ss and stuff.
  5. If you're editing a road, which is an area outside of your residence, it's mostly likely for a project that doesn't need to be done at that moment. I don't feel waiting is a problem for something like this :)
  6. This has been suggested multiple times and the answer is always a resounding no. As Haro said, it's a massive headache rezoning roads to make them functional that way, and carries a lot of baggage in terms of resetting the changes, should that become necessary.

    Plus, there are things you can/can't do with road edits and the current system is the most effective way for SS to police those rules.
  7. Oh man I didn't even think about this. There's no way to automate that rule about the road edit not obstructing any form of transportation through the roads.