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  1. Before I start, I know this was brought up a while back. I'm not sure if it's on Aikar's list of to-do's that never end, so I thought I'd post it - just for fun.

    What is Dystopia?

    Dystopia is a server that people can enter - it's the opposite of Utopia. It's always night with only a wasteland - there's no frontier or town. It's always night and mob spawning is increased. The goal is to survive and get the riches found there.

    Why? Are the benefits?

    Indeed there are. In addition to being full of fun, there'd be new rewards for surviving - like a new boss that is extremely hard and drops amazing things and special dimensions like Dragon Tombs that'll let you do things like clean the dirt out of your res and get free vault pages.

    Let me know what you think; this was a quick suggestion that I wanted to throw out there. :cool:


    Other Suggestions

    You will always have a blindness effect on you.
  2. I like it :)

    But I think you need a sad heaven where you can use vault and regain hunger and health without getting attacked.
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  3. Love the idea,
    Should have quests or something :) add a little RPG into EMC!
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  4. I like it too.
    Maybe you could have this kind of streak, (like voting) so the longer you stay there ALIVE you might get a rupee bonus.
  5. You could trap yourself in a dirt shelter and afk for the night... There'd need to be some system to see if you really are not afk.
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  6. what if there was a town, and all supporters (gold and diamond) could get a lot. there they could set up shops and access the vault, but ONLY on their lot. it sounds harsh, but it would literally make it so that in order to get gear, you would have to either buy it or have someone you know transfer it for you.
    and zombies would spawn in town. nothing else. no passive mobs, no light, just small 30x30 lots with zombies spewing everywhere.
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  7. This is one of those after dragon tombs Aikar time projects.
    The idea is that it will be on hardcore more, enraged mobs everywhere, mob arena in the wild.
    You'll have to survive to get your stuff back.
    Basically it can be nicknamed hi im the bear grylls world.
  8. *Places torch

    An evil hand snatches your light.
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  9. maybe (and I suck at coding, so this is only for effect)

    check if player has been afk for 1 minute

    if player has been afk for more than 1 minute, warning

    check if player has been afk for more than 5 minutes,

    if player has been afk for more than 5 minutes, second warning

    check if player has been afk for more than 10 minutes,

    if player has been afk for more than 10 minutes, spawn zombie at location of player
    > : D
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  10. but if there was no where for the zombies to spawn, they could spawn in any condition. I believe that already applies to the current wilds.
  11. 100 zombies which die after said player dies*
  12. Maybe just have a DTEXP - Dystopian TEXP. If you get X amount in an amount of time maybe you get prizes and buffs. Maybe deactivate spawners though to prevent farming as much as possible.
  13. This is an awesome idea! As far as I know Aikar is going to create a PvP match style dystopia. But I think something like this with PvP (or not) would be awesome! :D

    I like that idea :p Maybe your only source of light could be from lava or glowstone etc.
  14. Without releasing any information. Dystopia IS on the to-do list. When? even I don't know. But Aikar has numerous evil plans for players to find their death in the world called Dystopia. Several new features/upgrades/whatnots are coming first, but have no fear. It is coming *No ETA
    In Aikar time. over 9000 days.
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  17. I'm thinking that there would be 30x30 residences in town. It is always night in town and in the wild. In the wild, enraged mobs have a better chance of spawning. PvP is allowed and maybe griefing. ( still unsure about the griefing ) In the wild, daytime shorter and nights are longer. Or possibly always night. Some ideas.
  18. probably no griefing, just because some people would think that they could on the other servers.
    On reddit I saw a few posts about this "advanced darkness" a while ago with a modded jar, which made it impossible to see at night without light. I wish that could be done for servers too, that would be so awesome to have a 2 minute day and an 18 minute night of pure black.
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  19. Why not have 30 x 30 plots instead of the norm of 60 x 60. And they cost, a whopping 15k each.
    Or, just let all supporters have 2 for free, and regular players can get 1 for 10k?
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