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  1. This is two suggestions from myself that I think would be cool if these were seen when Dragon Tombs get released :)

    1st Suggestion ~ Live Map
    After looking at the live map, you are presented with a problem. You have ventured into the wild, only to find the area you want to get to is protected by a Dragon Egg. What could have been done to prevent this?

    How could you prevent this situation?
    Well, if live map is updated when someone claims area with a Dragon Egg, maybe it should be shown as a red area on the map. This would show people protected areas that they would not be able to build or perhaps even move in. I'll show example pictures when I have created them. :)

    2nd Suggestion ~ Expansion
    You have just claimed a portion of wild to yourself. After building in the area, you need more space to continue building. What could you do?

    Buying More Land
    Now first off, you might think this is a bad suggestion, but you should read it all. You have two options to expand your piece of paradise; 1) Get more dragon eggs, 2) Buy more land.

    It would likely cost 5k for each block you expand to.

    Technical Stuff
    You would have to expand in rows, meaning if you expand 1 block north, you get 5000 times x, with x being the expansion.

    Commands are as follow:
    /empire expand [amount of blocks you want to expand] [North, East, South, West]
    So for example:
    I have a 100 by 100 area in the wild, and I want to expand 10 blocks south. I type in the command, "/empire expand 10 south" The cost is 5000 x 1000 (100 times 10) which will cost me a total of 5,000,000 rupees. After confirming the request, I now have a 110 by 100 area in the wild.

    Please tell me what you guys think! I would personally find this useful to have when Dragon Tombs are released :p
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  2. I've been under the impression that land will be claimed only with Dragon Eggs. If we were going to allow land claiming without them, I would have liked to have seen that happen over a year ago when the topic first came up.

    As for the price, the one you've offered as an example seems steep if anyone but the richest of us are to be expected to claim any land. I think there are plenty of millionaires and hundred thousand-aires among us, but I doubt if that is in any way an average. If the average player can't hope to use an egg they are going to be useless to many of us.
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  3. Hmm.. No red square. That's used for some direlect residences in town. Perhaps a purple square?

    Also, I dunno. 5 million rupees to expand a little less then a chunk for your protection? That should be lowered...
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  4. Well, the price could be adjusted for the idea. Suggestions?
    As for the 'red' area, either way it should happen.
    I was more towards making it, "Dragon Eggs are cool yo, use them."
  5. Have we heard that the move flag is going to be usable in Dragon Egg claimed land? I could see that being a big annoyance, even with restrictions for size/distance from spawn for the claiming.
  6. The words on the street is that they will take a lot of the features from residence, such as flags etc.
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  7. I was thinking about that too... All I know is if it covers like a 1000 bock area and move is off, those "mini reses" would likely have to be put in place to let people pass through the middle of the 'empire' (term from aikar, like recent.) :p
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  8. There's so much about this that hasn't been decided or released, I don't think there is much use speculating on it. For something very small like the area around a grinder, you might want the chunk it's in plus the chunks around it. Let's say ten chunks minimum. I think most people could afford to spend 50-100k (5-10k per chunk) on it. Even that would be hard for the larger communities unless people pooled their Rupees together.

    I kind of like the idea of displaying claimed areas on Live Map so we can mine around them. Hopefully Aikar can do it.

    I think I recall ICC saying that everyone would still be allowed Move permissions. With the other permissions you could still restrict people from areas.

    Edit - I was looking for quotes and actually found this instead which suggests that maybe they are considering including Move: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-dragon-tombs-info.14398/#post-239757
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  9. Time to go over this. I would have liked it better if they RELEASED this first, THEN you make suggestions but oh well.

    I think that the claimed areas should be marked with a simple dragon egg, when you mouse over it, it displays the border. This is to keep the live map mostly clean. Of course, this would cause more work to be put into the live map and such but I am no expert.

    Buying more land with rupees is out of the question. As for Dragon Eggs, I believe that you should get 4 dragon eggs when you defeat the dragon, each dragon egg represents a corner. This of course would make unsquare place screwed so maybe each Dragon egg covers 1 chunk and each person that helps defeat the Dragon Tomb gets 1 Egg each.

    Let's pretend that you CAN expand using rupees. 5k per each block would mean that you would have to pay 64x5 if you count the blocks under it assuming you are at layer 64. If you meant each coordinate, then that favors the rich which we do not want, do we?

    Rows? No. If this were to be claimable using rupees then Rows is the last thing I need. Squares are much more better. It would be (Area)x(Cost) which I find efficient seeing that you can do a 1x1 area or a 100x100 area or a row 50x1 area. Much more efficient.

    Perhaps if we are talking chunks, we can have a clickable GUI type thing to be more user friendly. Pic example below.

    Dragon egg is your land, grass is claimable, dirt is free land.

    As my ideas do have downfalls, I do think that Demon tried his ideas that too have downfalls.
  10. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but, do you know what annoys me? The way you say things as if you have all the authority in the world, you don't know anything more than any other members do, and as far as I know, we hardly have a clue as to how land will be claimed for empires other than that dragon eggs will be used at some point in the transaction. I think this could be a good idea. With a high cost, the requiring the person to have first claimed a sizeable area using dragon eggs, I think it should allow people to expand their land using rupees.
  11. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine :)
  12. i dont think that the red square thing is a good idea, what if you wanted your base secret even if its claimed? a big red square is going to be pretty obvious on the map. at the very least supporters should have the option to remove that square. all the rest of this idea is based off player speculation on a system that hasnt been implemented or very talked about :p
  13. Hmm... I dunno, I'd prefer if I didn't have trespassers and they knew to avoid that area :3
    As for Sky...
    It doesn't need to be 5k for a block lol. I had asked for a good price above, no one gave it to me, so I stuck with 5k.
    Now, as for the chunk thing, that isn't my idea, or my suggestion, and I think it'd be weird to have "chunks" as the borders. ;3 Amd I am confused by your last part. I'm BRICK not Demon >.>
  14. I would go about 1k per chunk, but put a limit on PURCHASABLE land, maybe supporters can buy more? I don't think there needs to be a limit on claimable land by egg.
  15. Names confuse me.