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  1. On Emc I know some people who go paranoid when trading and they think they will be scammed.

    In 1.8 there is a command that allows you to show an item on the ground, show the name but can't be picked up.This would be great to add in 1.8 because it is already a command, the developers would only have to add very little to the command for it to work properly. of course in 1.7 this would be hard(er) to do so if it were to be added it would be best to add in 1.8.

    I was thinking "this would be great for trading!" you would use a command such as /display and the item in your hand would be shown on the ground it would still be in your inventory but would be shown on the ground. it would show the name of the item and the stats or enchants.

    the reason I think this would be good is because it is already in a 1.8 snapshot so I would assume this wouldn't be hard to implement into Empire Minecraft. it would mainly be use for trading but could also be use to show off (you could use an item frame to show off but it being on a pedestal and rotating as if it is on the ground sounds much cooler).
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  2. I think this would be a great idea!
  3. Let's wait until 1.8 comes out and we see the mechanics of this before we make any decisions. :)
  4. did I forget to add that in? my computer had a "moment" and lost my progress on writing thread, for got to add that back in I guess, I'll fix the thread:)
    edit: just fixed thread, thank you for pointing this out.
  5. In which snapshot did this get added?
  6. Why not just create a temp. player shop for ur items? If ur worried about stealing, just do that!
  7. Only problem I see is lag.
  8. I can make entities cause no server lag, but client lag is a different story.
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  9. i'm not is for as an example, or to show off for thing such as museums.
  10. Again, when did this "/display" get added?
  11. it is a suggestion, this means it isn't added but is an idea and could be in the future.
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  12. Yeah, but you said "In 1.8 there is a command".
  13. A scammer will still find a way to scam you. Once you pay, they could just throw out another item. If you find yourself doing deals often, try to set a redstone system that puts both items in an area for both players to see. Once both players accept the offer (pull a lever) the items go to the players.
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  14. Scamming is illegal, if you do scam and they report you you can get banned.

    edit: I am not worried if I get scammed, because I know people won't. because they most likely know you can get banned doing so. and that is why I make the costumers pay first. so I avoid the problem entirely.
  15. Oh! it is a command I cant remember it al the way but it is like dropitem or something. you put in x, y and z cords. you can set if you can pick up the item or not. you can also show its name. I will reply to this post once I remember the actual command:)
  16. I think this was the 3rd(?) snapshot for 1.8
  17. This is a really great idea and I hope it get's implemented in the future! ^_^