[Suggestion] Discounted Long Term Supportership

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  1. After going Diamond for about 5 months (Or so) and seeing other games do this, they offer membership, then if you choose 3 months its discounted a little then 6 months will have more discounted and so on.

    So I thought for all supportership is that you can purchase long term and get discounts.

    Ideas and comments?
  2. What if someone kept it so long it no longer cost money? :eek:
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  3. Well then if your AlexChance, your diamond supporter ship would be discounted by like 100% since he the longest ongoing diamond supporter.
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  4. No -.- You both missed the point

    Here is what would happen:
    1 month diamond - $20
    3 month diamond - $20 + 15% off!
    6 month diamond - $20 + 30% off!
    But it doesn't get cheaper as time goes on, but you can purchase 6 months of it
  5. I understand what you mean nfell and think this i a great idea and will incurage supporters to keep their status. Think of xbox live as a example you can pay £5 pound a month for 12 months 5x12=£60 pound a year or you can buy a 12 month membership in one upfront amount for like £30 which is 50% off!
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  6. Another example is Toontown (I dont play :p)

    So its cheaper to go long term with them then pay per month
    Monthly: 1 month
    Semi Annual: 6 months
    Annual: 1 year
  7. I like this idea... might make me consider redoing my supportership... That and this flying thing that i just read about!
  8. Hmmm... That makes sense; Sorry; I've been up for a while now.. (25 hrs now..? :p)
    Oh yeah.
    Gimme yo dog
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  9. And dont go to sleep! Talk to me :)
  10. One thing you all have to remember is that EMC doesn't push people to support, it's just not needed. Voting, well that's another thing, we do need it.

  11. I doesn't push people it just encourages them to support and give better value for money!I think its a great idea :D
    Edit- Also after all the more money EMC gets from supporters and ads, we get updates and more cool stuff! :)
  12. You're right, it doesn't. But it's just not needed. Maybe if it were more commercial, but this is just a supporter upgrade/donation and I don't see why it would be good/needed. :)
  13. Yeah like maybe a 3 month diamond supporter for 50$ and 6 month for 90
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  14. Yeah, I don't think this is a good idea.
    The whole point of supporting is that it is a donation to help the server.
    It's not something to get a discount on.
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  15. Problem I see with this from the view of a moderator is if I were to permaban someone that had just started their 6 months. Please elaborate on what the action would be then.
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  16. Well, they lose their money like any game that does this.
  17. And that's where this idea loses it's viability. It would tick quite a few players (not to mention their parents) off if this happened.

    I see where you are coming from with regards to long-term membership. I myself have been a supporter prior to becoming a moderator and maintain supporter status on two of my alts currently. However, the supportership was created to primarily 'support' the server and secondarily receive any 'perks' that may come with it. Personally I believe that this idea needs a lot more development and solutions to 'if, then' situations before the admins (above me) can view it with intent of possible implementation.
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  18. Maybe there could be a sort of system that tracks how many months you have been ______ in a row. So say that you get diamond two months in a row, the third month has a ##% discount on it, and the cycle resets again. It would encourage consistent supporting, and give members a "dedication discount" every __ months.
  19. But how would that fix the problem? :p
  20. Or maybe every 5 months you consistently get a supporter your 6th month is free?
    so, :
    you get 5 months iron: 6th month free.
    you get 5 months gold: 6th month free.
    you get 5 months diamond: 6th month free
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