[Suggestion] Custom Permission Text

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Musashii_, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Wouldnt it be cool? Just hvaing custom permission text? Like for the EnderPearl Command if you edit it.. Why Would You Want To Use A Ender Pearl On Parkour?
    But, when you make your custom message it has to have the Item or Permission if that makes any sense..
    But what do you think? Could I be a Supporter Perk? Could you have to pay money to do it?
    Will it be a +1 from you? Or a -1.. Comment if you think it needs extra items. :)
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  2. Is a good asthetic aspect, but i think to much code for such a little change, but nice idea!

    dont have like a + or a - rating yet, want to see other peoples opinions :rolleyes:
  3. It seems like a nice idea, but for now, in my humble opinion, I think there are more important things for the devs to focus on :)
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  4. Hm, no. Some room for customisation is very nice, but I think things like this don't have much need to be customised and should be kept consistent in order to keep things clear.
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  5. Good Idea, very creative and that would be cool!
  6. Sorry but I don't see us doing something like this. too much complexity for code that runs quite a lot.
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