|SUGGESTION| Creeper Miniboss Ideas

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Do you like this?

Yes 3 vote(s) 21.4%
No 7 vote(s) 50.0%
*cries in corner as one appears* 5 vote(s) 35.7%
needs work (explain in post) 4 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. Hello all! :) I think that EMC's creeper miniboss should suck in blocks within a 5 block radius from it and explode sending it at nearby players. It wouldn't suck up blocks from underneath it. It could occasionally summon enraged creepers. Please comment on what could be added to make this miniboss better.
  2. Impossible, the standard minecraft client doesn't have cache files for a creeper boss without mods. Plus that's OP and could grief things.
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  3. I think it should do totally different things-
    Shoot blaze balls
    FYI, there is a blaze under it, invisible and invincible also despawn upon death of miniboss.
    summon enraged creeps (like you said) and creepers (more common)
    Infinity explosions if he does
    HP-50 (25 hearts)
    Spawn message-You hear an explosion and a rumble...
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  4. you do have a point
  5. I don't think it should fly
  6. Nope. It will fly, and creep up on and over you in swarms of enraged chickens.
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  7. Anything that spawns creepers really could be us as a griefing tool and OP
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  8. Fly

  9. I would cry in a corner if it could fly and it would be too op
  10. *runs into one of these
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  11. I have the funniest inside joke about that.
    kudos for making me laugh to death
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  12. Lets have the creeper teleport itself to you, explode with a 10x less countdown, with the force of 100 TNT, and a blast that overrides armor, blast protection, and normal protection.
    Make them spawn in light level 15 or above, on opaque or non-opaque blocks, make them lock on to you from 128 blocks, and make their spawn cycle once a tick, 20 times per chunk.

    Or is that a bit OP? ;)
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  13. Seems legit
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  14. not OP enough. Every Explosion summons 25 more of them, and gives you a wither 127 effect (Which stays even after you die) which lasts for 1000000 (Max amount of time) seconds. They also have resistance 5 for 1000000S, and can destroy blocks by walking through them. (also, explosions destroy every block except bedrock.)
    Come At Me Bro.
  15. There are no files for a skeleton boss, yet we have marlix.
  16. But there are files for a skeleton and a bat, which is how it's done.
    He was referring to adding another mob entirely.
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  17. Marlix looks like a flying spider jockey without the spider to me. I think the purple armor means that Maxarias helped with the design.
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  18. -_-

    *thanks Romney.
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  19. it is an internet joke. I am an independent but I lean more toward obama. I can no longer blame aikar so i choose Obama to blame. It is satire since people blame obama for everything.
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  20. ;3 I don't really find politics quite funny, except for when they can't decide over something as simple as 10 cents.
    It's just where is come from and how I was raised. The sad part is, my broke grandparents hate Obama, because he can't fix Clinton's mess in one year... So, they are Republicans now...