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So, good idea?

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  1. Hi EMC,

    Yesterday I had an idea. What if we had 2 new flags:

    container.drop      //You can only drop things in containers
    container.pickup    //You can only pick things up from containers
    This would work for the existing subflags too, for example:

    container.chest.pickup  //You can only pickup things from (trapped) chests
    container.hopper.drop    //You can only drop things in hoppers
    This would be great for shopkeepers with suppliers. That means those suppliers will only be able to drop things in the chest. This will prevent stealing.

    This would also be great for access signs:

    What this means:
    • Everyone can drop in this chest, but not pickup (!)
    • The group named 'group' can pickup from the chest, but not drop (@)
    • the user 'nltimv' can both drop and pickup
    If other symbols are more convenient, feel free to tell me, but this looked like the best to me.
    Let me know what you think about this idea! :)
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  3. I actually like this idea, many times I had to set up an access chest for someone but realized I had no chests or wood, this would help greatly in that instance, but one problem I see is, what if someone accidentally drops off something they didn't want to to someone that was offline and ended up going derelict?
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  4. What if someone does that now with the current system dropping off is the same as hoppers. You drop something in a derelict hopper you might never see it again
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  5. not a bad idea +2
  6. special symbols are already used and planned for official res groups so cant do the sign thing.

    but controlling perms like this would be incredibly difficult and prone to bugs.

    As you notice we block clicking on either side of inventories when preview chests are open, because cancelling an action while an item on your cursor can result in losing the item :/

    It would be nice, but i feel its a bit too complicated and risky to do.
  7. Yeah that would be awful :(

    This could be prevented by forcing to shift-click (I think ;)), but this may be too far fetched

    Also, it doesn't matter to me how access signs need to be set up, other symbols are fine too (maybe [DROP] or [PICKUP]?)
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    300th post!!!! :D
  9. uh aikar already responded to the post and there is this really cool item called a hopper. stick it above a chest and you got exactly what you are suggesting :p
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  10. Not really.

    1. You can't pick things up from hoppers
    2. Unauthorized players can also use the hoppers (by dropping items on top of it) but what I want is that only specific players or groups can drop into chests
  11. Well, that can be achieved using a chest, a hopper below it and an access sign. It won't be so fine grained that you can filter between placing or getting items but the access sign would prevent anyone else from opening the chest and placing items in it. And since access signs can be used for both players and groups...
  12. Hoppers will pick up items dropped on the ground, regardless of permissions :)
  13. No, if you put a chest over it it should only pick up whoever has access to that chest. Which would work as following: player a puts dc of items that only he has perms to access in a chest that drains away, then that hopper feeds into another chest where player b who you only want to retrieve said item. Or alternatively dont deal with players that you cant trust to supply you
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