[Suggestion] Confirm on build/container flags

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  1. Title basically explains it.. I am still pretty new, but I have seen other new players just hand out their perms to nearly any person, and it makes me pretty nervous.

    I think that maybe adding a confirm to build/container flags would make people maybe think a little more before giving them out (because it's extra work, lol).

    I know adding a confirm won't stop griefing, but maybe if there is a confirm there, it could prevent a few.

    Maybe the confirm msg could be something like : "Remember, only give permissions to people you really trust, or you could get griefed! Type 'Confirm' to continue."

    ..I don't know, just an idea. :p

    Edit: For players 15 days and younger.
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  2. there is a ''caution'' thingy that pops up when you give someone build :p
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  3. I know but people don't really read it, because text wall. So, if it popped up a smaller text wall with a confirm msg, maybe it'll help..

    I mean if you see that wall of text.. Are your eyes going to glaze over, and skip it, or are you going to actually read it? :D
    Maybe what we have right now is both too much, and not enough.. I could also be over thinking it as well, I guess. :p
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  4. Yeah, but the problem is, people that have many alts or close friends often just want the account to be able to do anything. A needed confirm would cost much extra time. Also, older people do actually really think before giving a flag to someone, most of the time. And when you have an alt, it's not nice when you don't have build permission on your "own" residence.
  5. Perhaps for players new to the game, sure. I remember this one player giving me build and container for just helping him out with something.
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  6. *for anyone less than 15 days old?
  7. Yeah, that could be good, actually.
  8. +1
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  9. Lol, what's all this +1 stuff every is dong? :p
  10. It's like G+.
    They like this idea
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  11. There is this like button you know... I clicked it on your post to show what it does
  12. Build has something like this, I never understood why container doesn't because all your stuff is in chests :p
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  13. I completely agree with this addition! I feel this really adds the final touch I felt missing from my suggestion. :)

    I tried to add it to my original post, but my browser is all broken, and the edit box is just pure white..
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