[Suggestion] Color Chat for Residence Owners

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Good Idea?

+1 29 vote(s) 87.9%
-1 4 vote(s) 12.1%
  1. I think residence owners should be allowed for a color messages like staff do. For example, at ItsMeMatheus's Fist Fight Event on smp2(thanks for hosting),

    I think it would be easier for players to manage their own events on their residence. I can't think of any problems with this, so comment!

    EDIT: Also, adding these:
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  2. /shout &aCome to the starting line please!

    "You must be a residence admin to perform this command."

    I like it... +1 :)
  3. No, not like cross server messages, just on chat residence.
  4. I know, I was suggesting /shout be the command used to "shout" in colors in your residence... though that wouldn't work now that I think of it... /resshoout (/rs) maybe?
  5. I voted -1 because the idea of players doing crazy color text annoys me, but I can see this being acceptable with some restrictions:
    -Works ONLY in Residence chat
    -Uses a fixed color, so owners aren't talking in rainbows
    -Can be toggled off with /ps, for both parties (players can choose not to view "colored" R-chat, owners can select whether they're speaking in Announcement-mode or just chatting.)
  6. Maybe a timer to prevent abuse of colors?
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  7. +1,
    This would be great! I think it could be done too.
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  8. You could just do something like this: &1 [MessageHere]

    Like all of this. :D
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  9. +1 Could help players make announcements on residences easier.
  10. This, with this:
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  11. Its always a problem when lots of people are on your res and the chat is getting filled, then you try to say stuff but people don't see it +1
  12. To make it only one color maybe do this:
    /rs dark_purple Right guys. Now for the drop party
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  13. No, I think you should put the color symbols in front. Like this: &1 Lets Party!
    I think that's how staff type it.
  14. This is Kephras's comment just stole it hehehehe......
  15. To prevent overuse, it could be limited to just being a supporter perk. It might get annoying if people use it too much, but other than that I think its a good idea :)
  16. we have it on track to consider, but if we do it, it won't have a PS setting as thats unnessary, and it would be a fixed color, and only done if the res admin uses a diff command

    maybe going to extend the staff /resshout command to be usable by supporters on residences they have admin on

    If someone having a non white color message is that bothersome to you, you can simply leave the Residence :p
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  17. Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!
    Lov ya aiks
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  18. Glad this might be added, but it will be a supporter perk. :(
    Well, time to keep using these: >> (to get player's attention xD)