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  1. A clan is basically groups but when everyone leaves the group the group is saved in the system.
  2. Not sure this is needed since a group can be created with one simple command, also another level of exclusiveness is not needed.
  3. We've already announced "Empires" is a permanent group system that will be essentially what you are asking for.
    it's one of the major updates to come after DT.
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  4. Cool.. and then when you are in game it will show something like [EMC]wisepsn and if you do achievements you can get it gold. :p
  5. It's kinda troubling, how this implies how EMC could potentially turn into somewhat of a faction server..
  6. Except EMC will heavily encourage involvement of multiple Empires. I can be a part of both Empire A and Empire B. Also, I do not think we will ever have any plans of confrontation between the Empires, which is a major thing for factions.

    Instead of viewing as 'adding factions', look at is SUPPORTING what EMC players already do. Outposts, Wild Communites and every other name of what happens out in the wild, is simply what we want to encourage with Empires, except we want to offer the same protection gurantee that you get with having your own res. This will greatly benefit those who enjoy playing with friends. It will give groups the oppurtunity to go out and make something massive, without the limitations of Town lots, but with most of the protections.

    In my mind, factions, and the environment factions create, like raiding, and the constant fighting to get one chunk of another factions land, is an entirely different thing and always will be from 'Empires'.
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  7. When Empires arrive, can we get a new chat system identical to Group but instead called Empire?

    This is a permanent Group and it makes it easier to talk to your Empire Friends without having to always do /group invite or /tell.