{SUGGESTION} Chests full of coal for cooking fish in Sushi Drop

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  1. Sushi drop is great! I'm actually there right now running around collecting as much as I can hold.
    While I was dumping fish off in a certain room, there were multiple chests everywhere, for raw fish waiting to be cooked, and cooked fish waiting to be eaten...


    no chests filled with coal or other fuel to use in the many furnaces. Why not?

    I could provide a coal chest and fill it, if that's alright with the owner(s?) of Sushi Drop.
  2. I do like the idea but next time I recommend saying this on the SMP8 utility page instead of making a thread, as these threads are meant for Empire Minecraft as a whole and not just a smp8 or outpost :)
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  3. OriginalScuf is correct that this was posted on the wrong thread. Seeing as you're a new member we understand. The page you want is here


    However keep in mind that if you leave public coal out like that you never know if someone will just take it or use it. My suggestion is to get a locked chest for you and your friends. While it is a generous offer there is too much risk in being taken advantage of.
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  4. Oh my goodness! Please pardon my mess up...
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  5. Er...how can I delete my thread?
  6. You can't delete or edit your thread once it's posted. You can ask a staff member to lock this but honestly just ignoring it from here on out is fine too. Even Aikar the owner can't do much. Here is a copy and paste of what he has to say about the forum.

    While i'm sure there are many things you would love to be improved about the forums, sadly we do not have the capability to improve the forums really.

    We use a forum software called Xenforo, it is not written by us. This means we do not have much control in how the forums themselves behave.

    So not much can really change on the forums, such as filtering auctions from Recent Activity etc.
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  7. No need for apologies, no harm done what so ever. Note: I'm not staff but I do like to think I know what I'm talking about :)

    My suggestion is to let the thread continue. You could click the 'report' link and request staff does something about it but I'm with Merek up there: Just let it slide, if the staff thinks this is hindering people they'll move it. Besides: this thread might just help other players to realize this :)

    Now back to your suggestion!

    SMP8 wild utilities are not staff operated. An awesome player named Khixan is the mastermind behind it and the whole project is basically one big community effort. Lessee... Here is the official thread:


    My advice: post your suggestion there. Better yet... If you can: why not bring some coal yourself? (not saying that you should do that, but this is really the kind of project where players help out other players).

    But most of all: make sure to tell people what your're doing. Khixan has a list of approved builders in order to help the staff determine between players who grief (unfortunately that sometimes happens) and players who are legit builders.

    Anyway, I really like your thinking Rissa! Please keep it up!
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  8. but all the coal would get stolen?
  9. Then we play by trust.
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  10. well if they say ok i can personally give a singlechest of coal blocks :)