[SUGGESTION] Chest linked to Vault

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  1. Hello!

    I was sorting my items when I noticed that I felt a certain "security" when storing items in my Vault rather then a chest. On the other hand I prefer something visual in the form of a physical storage, allowing me to get a feeling of my collection. So I wondered if there is a way to merge my two favorite ways of storage!

    I'm talking about a chest which you can place on your residence but is connected to your Vault, to a specific page. I'll leave it at this but this could also allow for a shop to have a residence location but the stock would be safely stored in the Vault.

    Hope this was not considered before and is a nice idea! Please give me your feedback!

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  2. Good idea. Might be difficult to implement, as they would have to add in automatic vault charges, as well as prevent any item duping with it, but I can see the novelty of having a chest linked to a vault page. For those who have more vault pages than there are items in the game, might make for easy vault sorting :p
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  3. I would like this for frontier purposes
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  4. too OP, OP. :p
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