[Suggestion] Changing Your Res Biome, for a Price

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Should we have this feature?

Yes 24 vote(s) 82.8%
No (Please post why) 5 vote(s) 17.2%
  1. As the title says, I think EMC should let users change their res biome, but for a price.
    Some people have the problem of water freezing, or maybe they don't like the color of grass the biome has.
    The price should be somewhat high, to keep people from abusing it.
    Thanks for reading :)
  2. If there is a way to get a automated system, that would be awesome! :D
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  3. Although I'd say you should consider the biome when you claim the plot, there are plenty of reasons a biome-change might be useful. Most notably, some of the older town servers were generated before Jungles were introduced, and lack Jungle biomes completely. ;)
  4. I need this to happen
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  5. Just so you guys know, if this got implemented it wouldn't be 5k or anything, it would be more like 30-60k (estimate) keeping in mind that to get an admin to clear your res of dirt is 60k. It's a great idea and would work great but it wouldn't be cheap.
  6. I believe this is possible (or will be in the future). But the admins aren't offering it as a service yet.
  7. Clearing a res is a lot to ask for, and that's why it's so expensive.
    I asked a moderator about biome changing, they said an admin could, using WorldEdit. So it wouldn't require any new pluggins, unless you wanted it to be changed automatically with a cammand.
  8. When you pay 60k for a staff member to clear your res all they do is a simple command, this is highly possible and could be implemented, but to keep people from abusing it it would probably be in the 30-60k range
  9. i think it takes a purple name to change biomes, would love this tho
  10. This is a very smart idea. The biomes affect people, even though it is there Resident, and paying would just make it fair.
  11. It's simple and I believe ICC/aikar were looking into it a while ago.

    It's a simple command, just use the World Edit wand and select the res, then //biome [whatever].

    Good idea, and I think 15k would be a good price for it.
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  12. I believe that this has been suggested a while ago and once again, I would love for this to happen.
  13. I remember seeing a thread for this, but it wasn't the thread posted above. I said it on the previous thread (I think) and I'll say it again. I absolutely love this idea.
  14. I asked Shaunwhite some time ago about this, and he said they were thinking about implementing it, but with all the updates they didn't really have time for it, but it would be possible to implement it. I really want to have this, because on my res there are several swamp spots messing up the grass, lol.
  15. Some players would really like this like the ones who are stuck in desert biomes and have the very brown grass. Others had to make do with tiga biomes and thus any water features they had would freeze. I picked a great res cause I knew kinda what it would be like.

    I believe a lot of the area around my res is ocean biome so the grass is about regular. But I know some players would probably love to be able to change their res's to jungle since thats a very nice green color to grass. However all the servers were made before jungle biomes so no one is able to get it. There is also word of some things in minecraft coming in the future that might deal with stuff like this however, I cannot go into that at this moment.
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  16. 30-60k is very steep. Why should us people in taiga biomes have to suffer? I think they should just change every single server's biome serverwide to either ocean or plains. Very plain and then there will be no more squabbling about who wants what biome etc etc etc.
  17. I have already PMed a few of the admins asking for help with this and Max said something like, "Sorry, as much as I want to help you, I am only able to change the biome spawn is in." or something like that :p
    I do hope they figure out a way to make this happen though, whether for free (which it should be) or costing rupees :p :D