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  1. Buy All Sign

    Buying and selling items are practically the easiest thing to do, all you have to do is right or left click a sign. However, promotional items are little more complicated. Sure, you can run around a shop to get a full Marlix set because each item is sold in a separate chest, but then your pixelated Steve legs would get all tired.

    My suggestion will not only make things easier on your pixelated Steve legs, but on your actual fingers, too. All you need to do is click a sign ONCE.

    Say you want to sell a bundle of items in one chest but you only want to sell them as a "pack". Today you'd have to sell each item separately in a separate buy chest, meaning you're selling the items in your shop.

    My suggestion is to implement a "Buy all" option to sell items. Here is what the sign may look like:

    B 1

    Right clicking the sign would give you a preview of the items in the chest and left clicking would pop up a confirmation message to confirm the purchase of the items.

    Please leave comments that may help this concept become better and more secure, if you don't like the suggestion please leave it in the comments as well :)
  2. I don't see a reason not to :)
  3. Seems like a nice idea. +1 from your friendly neighborhood walrus
  4. It can be a very easy thing to do instead of finding the chests that contain the items.
  5. Are there some other practical examples you can give of how this would be used, Deathconn? It seems like the need for a bow and stack of Arrows, for example, would be too variable to use. For every person that would want both, there would be others that might want extra stacks of Arrows or just a bow or a different bow. Then you have three Chests instead of two.

    Maybe an unassembled kit? I sell you three stacks of Planks, four of Cobblestone, and one each of iron and Redstone, then you craft your own Pistons? It would save the seller the time and effort to craft and as you said in your post, save the buyer time running around, but then instead of their poor pixelated legs getting tired, their little stubby Minecraft hands would.

    I think most things like what you have in your example are going to be right next to each other, so I am struggling to see how you intend to use it.
  6. I can see it being used as a way of selling large kits. It would be perfect to have near the mob and pvp arenas. Could also be used in the selling of machines. Show the machine design (preferably modular), and then sell the building materials all at once. Starter kits, wasteland kits, mining kits, nether kits, kits in general.

    That and sometimes you want to get rid of a bunch of useless junk to you, but treasure to someone else. Makes it easy to get rid of things.
  7. I like the idea of selling multiple items in a bundle of sorts. The problem with what you suggested is that each chest would only be able to sell items once before it needs to be restocked, and that's not very practical.
    There was a similar thread not long ago where people suggested craftable personalized item bundles (like the halloween bundle), which could be sold normally on SLOT signs. That idea also had its flaws, but I think we're heading in the right direction.
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  8. This idea definitely needs refining to be useful.

    For now, if shops would just organize themselves in a logical way and not usually be out of stock we'd have a much easier time of shopping. :p
  9. There's definitely some good in this suggestion, but I feel like there's some improvement that needs to be done. I'm not sure how, though...
  10. A+, this is a awesome idea.
  11. Bump, any more refining statements for the suggestion?
  12. I think there is one fatal issue with this idea. It is cool to say, "Sweet I can bulk Buy!" But how much items are you actually getting? Will there be a determining factor of what Items you're getting for a selected price?

    You have a lot of items in a DC, so what is going to determine how many items you actually going to get?
  13. You get everything in the chest. You would likely be able to view the contents via a preview sign or special chat output. If you do not have enough inventory space, then you can't purchase.
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  14. I like this one. Seems to be a pretty good one. Would save the time of buying individually or just multiple but not that much you would like.