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  1. I would like to suggest a player setting which could toggle the buildmode function. For the most part I reside in the SMP2 Frontier and work on our family outpost. There are, however, times I like to switch servers and check mail, shop for an item, or simply help someone out. Then I return to SMP2 and continue building. The last instance this occurred, I placed over 1500 slabs before I realized that I forgot to enable buildmode again after checking my mail in Utopia. Now if I had placed that many slabs on the ground it would be one thing, but this is for a sky bridge that is actually going over an ocean. It is going to be a painstaking task to remove those slabs, collect them from the bottom of the ocean, and then replace in buildmode.

    Then there is the simple problem of having to enable buildmode every time you log in. I think it would be nice if there was a player setting (/ps) that would allow one to simply toggle whether this is on or not. I also understand the concern of staff with regards to people inadvertently placing blocks in buildmode while they are mining and forget that they are in buildmode. For this I would like to suggest they simply alter the ability to break any blocks other than the ones you have placed ( Your protected blocks ) while in buildmode. If someone went into buildmode and built for a while, then decided to go on a mining expedition, then they would quickly realize they were still in buildmode, because they would not be able to dig. Also, the ever so often message that appears is still a good reminder.

    The idea is when you are in buildmode, then you are building, not necessarily digging or mining. Then you could return from another server or simply relog to the empire and continue building without worry that you forgot to re-enable buildmode. I look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks about this :)
  2. +1 :p This is a long essay :p
  3. +1 Would be helpful to have this, already made a mistake doing the same thing
  4. +1 I've done the same thing and realized I didn't turn it on. So had to tear down and start over.
  5. +1, i think this would be really nice, especially for those who switch servers a lot, even while / especially while working on big builds. some switch for materials, other do it for mail and help reasons, but regardless of the reason, it'd be nice for those to not have to worry about going back and replacing a bunch of things because they forgot to turn it on.
  6. +1 I also agree
  7. You might not have to, but I'm not certain. Some slabs are part of the uncommon blocks and therefor protected by default, no matter if you used /buildmode or not.

    I'd have to go -1 on this, sorry. I'm afraid such a setting is just waiting for major accidents to happen. The (unwanted) placing of protected blocks has already become a huge annoyance with several players and I think this will only make it worse. Especially because everything people place would be protected.

    -1 again from me, this would be a major hindrance when you're trying to replace blocks in an existing structure with protected blocks. Now I can simply remove blocks and replace them with protected ones, in this situation I'd have to toggle /buildmode every time I need to remove something?

    Or what about building something new and then making changes to the (unowned) surrounding area? I'd have to get out of buildmode to be able and remove those blocks. But wouldn't that make the risk of forgetting to re-enable /buildmode even higher than it is now?

    Sorry, but I'm not a fan of this. I can't help think that this will only add even more hindrance.
  8. Some people see the glass half full, others half empty...As for your views, the first does not really apply to stone brick slabs as those are considered common due to the immense over abundance of strongholds which I have never run across.

    The second point you bring up I can actually see to a degree, however, I am not the kind of person that goes around just laying blocks all over the place without thought as to why I am doing so. I cannot think of a time that I placed a block that was just for the heck of it, and it could or possibly should be moved by another person. I build roads to help people move from Point A to Point B. The whole idea of Underhelm came about as a result of Elfin traveling down that road I built south of the southern outpost in SMP2 Frontier. And yes, I have fixed a lot of griefing down that stretch over the past couple of years. In recent times, I believe even you said you had to help patch problems on that road. And then you say "Especially because everything people place would be protected". I ask... Why is it not already? Unless it is an intentional form of griefing which can be easily deduced, then what people do should be protected.

    As for your third point, I think we have already discussed the pain it is to redo existing structures. I believe we both agreed that "Now I can simply remove blocks and replace them with protected ones" is really not as simple as you make it out to be. But that is beside the real point you make, and yes, I did box myself in on that comment to an extent. I do believe there is a way to do this however. It should not be hard for the system to look at a block and compare it to the original landscape as it was when first revealed. Any block that has been player added should be removable in the proposed buildmode setting. It would be the never broken, mined, chopped, gathered blocks that would be protected from a builder in buildmode as I am suggesting.

    I said "For this I would like to suggest they simply alter the ability to break any blocks other than the ones you have placed ( Your protected blocks ) while in buildmode" and now to clarify what I was trying to say is to alter the ability to break any blocks other than the ones that have been placed ( Including your protected blocks, not only the protected blocks) . As for the whole idea of needing to replace all those hours of hard labor that have already been done, I believe you know how I feel. Still working on a good suggestion for that :)

    As for your last inquiry, "Or what about building something new and then making changes to the (unowned) surrounding area?"...Yes that is what I was proposing. As one that does like to build towers and structures in the wild on a frequent basis. I don't mind the hindrance of needing to toggle in a situation like this. Any good builder worth his salt knows the beginning of a good build starts with the foundation. If you cannot figure out how to correctly judge where the building is going to sit and know what area to clear, then yes, this might be a problem. I personally always lay a foundation with footers at the weight points and use this to help me know exactly where the build is going to go. This also allows me to dig out the area around the build and prep it for the build. But yea, I do suppose most others don't like to actually put blocks in the ground below their buildings for support, as it is not really seen, and it requires more materials, but that is just how I like to build.

    Having to re-enable buildmode every time I return to the SMP or log in is not how I like to build. Especially, when it means I have to rebuild so much every day that I just built an hour or so prior. I can honestly say that due to this buildmode feature, I have spent less time in game than I would have before it became available. It has frustrated me that much.

    Maybe we view the glass of 50% liquid differently, but I know we both want the best for the Empire :)
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  9. I haven't made my mind up on this. I can see where you are coming from in your post. However I can see how this would be a massive pain to other players. So like I said, I haven't made my mind up about this :p
  10. For me personally, this would be fantastic. Everything I place is intentional. If it needs to be broken, only the people working with me on a build will have the ability to break it, which is exactly what I want. +1000
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  11. this option benefits just a group of players to a certain extent. what i did, as many others is used macro mod to keybind the command to a letter. now i can just hit that letter to know in which state i am... and to toggle it quickly
    so overall -0.5
  12. Actually, they do. Those are uncommon blocks, protected by default. So if you've been placing those then you don't have to worry about having to replace them.

    (edit): Forgot to mention, sorry, the list of blocks is in its current form a little arcane. That's because the list was copied directly from the code (assumption) and some names don't correspond with the official in-game name which makes it a lot harder. Us contribs are aware, and it's also on the agenda.

    Just in case I asked Aya to help me test this.

    As to the rest... My opinion hasn't changed. I think it's a lot of extra overhead for something as trivial as using /buildmode before you actually start building. I can understand that it takes getting used to, but doesn't that apply to most new features?
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