[Suggestion] Bring back the Official Empire Guides!

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What do you think of the basic idea?

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  1. Hey! So I thought something up a few days ago and I think it's a pretty good idea, so here it is:

    The Official Empire Guides were a sub-forum in Help & Support. The forum is currently hidden, but it contained a lot of useful information - fighting enraged mobs, frontier etiquette, a guide to 1.6 stables, and so on. I'm not sure why it was removed from view (those with a link can still access it, though :P).
    How it works
    The community is great at creating guides for others. So, if there were to be a re-launch of the Guides, I'd like to see it player-driven. All (or most) of the guides should be written by players.

    First, players will create a guide of their choice and post it somewhere on the forums, like what is done now. Then, if they decide they want that guide in the sub-forum, they will send it to a team for review.

    This team will be made up of a few Staff members and would be in charge of a few things:
    • Determining the usefulness of the guide.
    • Ensuring accuracy of the information presented.
    • Ensuring the information is not already in existence (specifically on the Wiki or Blog).
    • Quality.
    • Small grammatical or factual inaccuracies will be done by the review team.
    • Large content changes will be done by the player.
    If that team decided that the guide meets their criteria, the guide (that should already be posted) will be moved to the Official Empire Guides sub-forum in Empire Help & Support for the public to view (which they could before, but now it would be an official guide).

    Edits & Updates
    In the sub-forum, editing would be locked to prevent a player from changing their guide without the review team's approval. In the case of an edit or update, a player would PM the review team with their changes for them to be reviewed and edited in.

    So that's the idea. Let me know what you think, and what improvements can be made. Thanks!
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  2. It was removed because the wiki is a more appropriate place for the information. Information to help Learn emc should be on the wiki, and guides can be posted to community discussion as a submission process.

    Just I don't think that the contribution team has been doing this, need to coordinate with krysyy and matheus on making a process for this more defined and organized
  3. Why not just make a sub forum or a forum for Empire Guides and only let Contribution members able to post/edit? Link it somewhere on the wiki.
  4. Even though it's old, I still feel I should give this a bump. Personally I believe this is a better way to manage guides, rather than putting them all on the wiki. It'd let more people create guides for the community and also wouldn't crowd the wiki with pages. The Guides section is already crowded enough. But if we are sticking with the contribution team doing this:
    Any updates on this? ;)
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  5. It'll get done soon as it can. Krysyy's got wedding stuff going on atm so she's a bit more occupied.
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