[Suggestion] Bring back permission message spam prevention {Resolved}

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Should this be re-implemented?

Yes. 14 vote(s) 87.5%
No. 2 vote(s) 12.5%
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  1. About a year ago, breaking a block once without permission or doing some other thing without permission would give you one message in the chat telling you that you didn't have permission to do whatever you did there. If you repeated that action five more times, the same message would pop up.

    I don't know if the spam prevention thing was a bug in the first place or not, but I really liked it.

    TL;DR: instead of spamming your screen with "you don't have permission...," it could appear every five times you did something without permission
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  2. um, this should still be in place? But it works "if message is same as last", so are you triggering 2 perm errors at same time?
  3. Breaking two things consecutively brings up two of the same perm warnings.
  4. Preach it.
  5. this is late,. but great idea
  6. Bugs aren't feature suggestions! :p filing bug, can confirm somethings broke there.
  7. Although you are right I also think its also fair to state that it's very hard for regular players to determine what counts as a bug and what could be a feature. I still recall your comment about mobs spawning as adults. To me that has always been a feature, only after reading your post did I learn it was actually a bug.

    (this is one of the reasons why I'm such a wiki fanatic ;))
  8. fixed this last night
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  10. In light of this:
    I believe this thread has served its purpose.

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