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  1. Hey there! I know I'm not much of a poster on the forums, but I'm pretty active in game. With the new update 1.7 (The uhh "Update that Changed the World") the world generation has had a major overhaul, and I personally think it looks way better than any previous terrain minecraft has ever generated. I've played on SMP4 for almost a year now and the frontier has never changed (Yes, it has been reset) and it is quite a few updates behind the wilderness. I was curious if anyone else has the same feelings and maybe when Minecraft 1.7 makes it to the Empire we can put the old frontiers to rest and let the new world generation prevail. Just a suggestion, what's everyone else think?
  2. Nope. It was stated the original Wilds would never be reset ever again.

    Can't go back on something like that now without hacking off a lot of people who've made homes out there based on what Admin have said and in preparation for promised features such as:

    • Land claiming
    • Wild to Town Portals
    That's what the Wastelands (Cheers bonzd67!) is for - new updates, etc.

    Plus, you can still get many of the new updates if they are implemented - you just need to go generate fresh chunks of which there are still plenty. :D
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  3. *wastelands
  4. Damn these new fangled names. :D
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  5. Can you show me a link for this please? Possibly multiple links.

    The chunk lines will not look very pretty, and all the unexplored chunks are so far out it would be completely hopeless to ever try and make it back to town. Goodness forbid I build a castle and not a bed. Think of it, "The update that changed the world" I wanna build in that world. Not the griefed-to-the-nether frontier that's outdated and just... sucks.. I mean the frontier now looks a lot like a wasteland. Maybe an empire-wide vote.
  6. It's not outdated at all, actually.
    It contains every update that added a biome until 1.7.
    A 5k nether trip equals a 40k overworld trip is easy.
  7. I mean the terrain that is there was generated a long time ago. More than a year from what I understand. And it's filled with creeper explosion pitfalls and sandless beaches... just saying
  8. If you go 2k+ blocks out you get none of that.
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  9. -Go to nether
    -Head to top, near the bedrock
    -Travel 5k+ blocks out, (very easy, a few good diamond picks will get you there)
    -Make portal again.
    -Come out into new 1.7 chunks (once EMC is 1.7 of course)
  10. It's been under discussion but I think i'm just going to make the call and say we will be adding new outposts in 1.7 at NW/NE/SE/SW at say 750k blocks out (So no real fear of treading on someones base)

    This will give the best experience to all.
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  11. whoah, I heard it might be happening, but never thought that far lol
    good call on the distance
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  12. Will it cause lag with a bunch of players loading new chunks way out?
  13. Yes, there will be some lag for the first few days as people load new chunks, but same happens with the Wastelands already.... so its absolutely no different.

    The actual size of the x/z coordinates does not imply even more lag. Adding new OP's will not add any more lag than there will be without them.
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  14. #ThankAikar
  15. Wastelands will be reset upon release, correct?
  16. Wastelands will likely be reset when EMC is updated to 1.7, or shortly after. :)
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  17. That doesn't sound like punch wood and have fun to me...
    I could tell you to just tear down your whatever-you've-got-built with a silk touch eff V, and re-build the same exact thing after the update. I bet that wouldn't be too hard either, I'd do it for you with all my ST E5s but I only have a sc worth left.

    You do know that it will in general create much larger file-sizes (server overhead), and if everyone (60/60) were playing at the same time in those far out distances it would lag noticeably more than it would be everyone playing within |200,000|x&z.

    I think it should be voted on. In the case of SMP4 frontier (although it has like one exception) is nothing worth saving anymore. And I bet it's not the only one.

    P.S. I've even used like 3 or 4 DCs of dirt to fill up holes in the frontier to try and make it beautiful again, but it wasn't more than two days later it looked just as bad as it did before I tried to fix it.
  18. I would not recommend arguing about what will and will not affect the server's performance with the guy in charge of making the server perform well :p

    You can't say that any smp's Frontier is not worthy of saving. People have invested heavily in building things close to spawn and far out, there is no way you could explore every inch and decide which constructions are of worthy of saving.

    Finally, yes, the area around spawn is horrid. If you only wander a couple hundred blocks out you can find mostly clean landscape. Reseting wouldn't fix this either, people will always ravage whats close by to spawn for the easy resources.
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  19. I don't mean to come off as rude, but you aren't getting it. There could be a vote with 99.99% of the population saying that we should reset the frontier, and it wouldn't be reset under the current situation. Why? Because long ago we had a thread about frontiers/wastelands, and almost everyone agreed that the frontier would never be reset, as that is an outpost/exploration server.

    Also, don't tell him to deconstruct his base because you can't be bothered to travel a thousand or two blocks farther than the first step out of the outpost.

    If you can get the staff to have a vote on resetting the SMP4 frontier, please let me know. I will be sure to buy votes against it with my diamond blocks. I would give everyone two of them, but I only have a doublechest left.
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  20. Well that escalated quickly :p
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