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  1. i love boss hunting but they are so far and in between, I would like to see a couple new bosses.
    I don't really have any suggestions on what kind of bosses but more would be great. thanks for your time :)
  2. Dragons are coming.... sometime.

    Right now the focus seems to be on getting to 1.8 and making the servers more efficient. Which will be needed if emc is going to grow.
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  3. in 1.9 (which will likely arrive before we ever get to 1.8) there are supposed to be dragons. microsoft is the hero we need
  4. But is it the one we deserve?
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  5. Aikar may change this, but the dragon will only respawn once. It will only respawn if the dragon is already dead.
  6. Just to make sure: you are aware of the /ps command I hope? Because you can use that to raise your difficulty which can also help you to spice up the gameplay a little.

    Although the documentation states that these settings only affect the damage done and received I can't help wonder if the spawn rate also isn't affected. It could be coincidence, but ever since I started playing on 6 and 7 I've noticed a lot more enraged mobs coming at me.
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  7. I also noticed that shelluser. on 7 it seemed like MANY more enraged mobs spawned and momentus and marlix visited much more often. on 1 enraged mobs won't even attack you unless you attack them first. which is nice for new people.
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